Thursday, November 30, 2023
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Boost Internet Speed on Your iPhone or iPad

10 Hacks to Boost Internet Speed on Your iPhone or iPad

Nobody likes slow internet, and imagine having a slow internet on a $1000+ iPhone. Therefore, we have explained 10 hacks to boost internet speed on your iPhone or iPad.
how to download music from youtube on android

How to Download Music from YouTube on Android in 2023

You can fall in love with a music video on YouTube of some random singer that is not available anywhere else rather than YouTube. So to download that video...
TechSaaz - what is touchwiz home

What is TouchWiz Home? And How to 2 get rid of it?

The user interface, the feel, the design, and the experience of using a Samsung smartphone is because of TouchWiz. TouchWiz home is the overlay User experience developed by Samsung...
how to record phone call on android

How to Record a phone calls on Android in 2023

There was a time when almost all the Android phone had call recording as an inbuilt feature to record phone calls on android smartphone. Record a phone calls on...
how to start streaming on twitch

Beginner’s Guide to Start Streaming on Twitch in 2023

The streaming trend is for real now. People really love to enjoy gaming streams and the most popular platform for this Twitch and the best part is that anyone...
how much is amazon prime

How much is Amazon Prime? Amazon Prime Membership Plans

With just $119 you can get access to Amazon top-notch services like Amazon Prime, Amazon prime video and free shipping for the whole year. On top...
Turn Off Find My iPhone Without a password

How to Turn Off Find My iPhone Without a Password [100% Work]

Do you know that 'Find My iPhone' is the best security function Apple has ever created. However, in some instances, it is inconvenient. This feature lets you monitor your...
how to use whatsapp on laptop

How to Install and Use WhatsApp on Laptop and PC

Sometimes we need to share documents/data urgently with our friends or colleagues from our laptop, so what you usually do in such a situation? In my opinion, Using WhatsApp...
how to use xbox one controller on pc

How to Use Xbox One Controller on PC

Are you a fan of PC gaming because of its graphics and optimization but afraid to shift to PC form Xbox? We know that Xbox...
how to increase battery life of laptop

How to Increase Battery Life of Laptop in 2023

One of the most demanding features in a laptop is its battery life, and having a brilliant laptop but pathetic battery life can be very frustrated.



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