10 Hacks to Boost Internet Speed on Your iPhone or iPad

Boost Internet Speed on Your iPhone or iPad

Nobody likes slow internet, and imagine having a slow internet on a $1000+ iPhone. Therefore, we have explained 10 hacks to boost internet speed on your iPhone or iPad.

Internet is the basic necessity of a smartphone, and your iPhone without internet is nothing but a camera and a music player.

Sometimes in the time of intense need, the internet gets slower, and it is very frustrating. But you can boost up your iPhone’s internet speed with a number of simple hacks.

Most of the time, it happens after a long time usage of your iPhone, because with the time your phone memory gets bulky and eventually make your phone slower, and it is evident that on slow phone internet will also be more deliberate.

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SectionSubsectionHacks and Steps
OverviewHighlights the importance of fast internet on expensive iPhones, emphasizing its significance as a smartphone’s core feature.
Useful Reads LinkProvides a link to a related guide for Android users on speeding up phone internet.
10 Hacks to Boost Internet Speed
Find the Root CauseInvestigate changes in internet connection, Wi-Fi, and unnecessary apps; address the root cause for a solution.
Clear the iPhone CacheRemove accumulated cache to optimize RAM for smoother multitasking.
Clear Browser CacheClear cache in Safari or Chrome to enhance browser speed.
Browser OptimizationsOptimize browsing experience by avoiding desktop view, clearing cache, using text browsing, and installing an adblocker.
Reset your Internet ConnectionOvercome signal drops or connection issues by restarting the iPhone.
Use WiFi for the Best ExperiencePrefer Wi-Fi over cellular data for better internet speed; enable 4G for improved performance.
Stop Background Apps RefreshTurn off background app refresh to conserve internet usage.
Update the iOSRegularly update iOS for improved performance and speed.
Turn off Auto DownloadsDisable automatic app updates to save data and prevent slower internet.
Restart your RouterTroubleshoot slow Wi-Fi by resetting the router; power off, wait, power on, and reconnect.
Additional InformationVideo Tutorial LinkIncludes a link to a YouTube video demonstrating the hacks.
ConclusionSummarizes the article, highlighting the speed-boosting hacks for iPhones and invites readers to share their favorites.
Conclusion QuestionEncourages readers to share their preferred internet speed hacks for iPhones in the comments.

Here are the hacks you can apply within no time to get your iPhone faster.

Find the Root Cause

Since when your internet got slower?

Have you changed your internet connection?

Have you changed your Wifi?

Have you installed many useless apps on your iPhone?

Find out the root cause, and then you can eradicate that to solve your problem.

Clear the iPhone Cache

The cache is the amount of data stored in the RAM of your iPhone to make buttery smooth multitasking.Boost Internet Speed on Your iPhone

But with time, your RAM gets filled with a lot of Cache and makes the phone slower. In that case, you can clear the iPhone Cache memory.

To clear the cache on the iPhone or iPad, you can simply close the recent apps. Open the recent app menu and swipe up to remove that app from cache memory.

You can also use any app from the Appstore for better cleaning.

Clear Browser Cache & Boost Internet Speed on Your iPhone

What is your favorite browser? Tell us in comments.

If you are using safari or chrome, then you must know that these both get slower with time, as they store a hell lot of cache.

But you can remove all the cache in few seconds.

The method for clearing cache for both the browsers is the same.

  • Open the browser.
  • From the menu, navigate to history.
  • Clear history with cached data.
  • Done!

You can feel a significant boost in your iPhone’s internet speed in no time.Boost Internet Speed on Your iPhone

Browser Optimizations

If you are facing troubles in browsing the, you must apply these hacks to get better speed and performance on your iPhone or iPad. These are simple yet effective tricks to make your browsing experience faster.

  • Your iPhone is optimized for mobile view browsing, so avoid desktop view.
  • Clear the browser cache more often.
  • On prolonged internet, try to use text browsing, i.e., block images.
  • Use an Adblocker as ads use a lot of your internet thus slows your internet.
  • Install the Opera mini browser, it may be not that popular on a PC or Mac, but it performs much better on iPhone and iPad’s.

Reset your Internet Connection

If you are using a data connection, there are chances that you may suffer from a signal drop or internet signal drop, especially if you are changing your location.

In that case, the best possible trick is to reset your internet connection. You can do so by restarting your iPhone.Boost Internet Speed on Your iPhone

  • Press the power button and slide to Power Off.
  • Wait for 30 seconds.
  • Now boot your device up.
  • Turn on the internet and start browsing.

Use WiFi for the Best Experience

Wifi gives much better internet speed than the 3G or 4G connection. If you are in the Wifi coverage, you should use Wifi.

And if you are traveling and does not have Wifi access than prefer 4G over 3G.

To enable 4G

  • Go to settings
  • Cellular data
  • Cellular data options
  • Select 4G.

Stop Background Apps Refresh

iPhone has a default feature that keeps the apps running in the background for the use of internet connection.

#-Background-App-Refresh-Should-You-Turn it-Off?

Using this feature, apps get updates and get notifications.

But in this whole process, the internet is being used all the time.

So turn off the apps refresh. To turn off,

  • Open settings
  • Navigate to General
  • Find the background app refresh.
  • Turn off by the button.

Update the iOS

Updates are good for iPhone’s health, and with every update, your iPhone gets better and fast.

So to get your iPhone updated is a healthy practice.

Check for updates in Settings > general > software updates.

Here you can update your iPhone if an update is available.

Turn off Auto Downloads

All the apps you install on your iPhone get updates and install automatically on default. This uses a lot of your data, thus makes your internet slower.

But fortunately, you can turn off the auto updates with just a few clicks.

  • Go to settings.
  • Search for iTunes and app store.
  • From here, you can turn off the updates for every app and system app.

Restart your Router

If you are using a wifi connection, then the problem can be with your ISP (internet service provider).

The thing you can do as a first Aid is to reset your router.

  • Press the power button for a few seconds and turn it off.
  • Turn the switch off and then turn on after 2 minutes
  • Reconnect the device.


iPhone’s are faster, but you can face a little bit of lag on your internet. Fortunately, you can quickly boost up your iPhone’s internet using simple tricks and hacks mentioned above.

Let us know which are your favorite internet speed hacks that you use to speed up internet on your iPhone or iPad?


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