Top 10 Best Laptop Cooler Pads for Gaming in 2023


No matter how compelling your laptop is, it needs a proper cooling system to perform at its best. Most of the notebooks of today have a suitable cooling system, but if you are living in a hot area or if you have an old school gaming laptop, you definitely need a best laptop cooler pads for gaming. A cooler pad takes the heat away from the laptop and keeps it cool using fans. On heavy gaming, when the laptop gets hot, it can even auto shut down, and you may lose your game.

There are hundreds of cooler pads available online, but most of them are just crap. You need to know the best laptop cooler pad for gaming for best performance. The collar pads that are made up for gaming are a bit different from the regular cooling pads. The regular cooler pads are just for optimal cooling and are used to maintain the temperature of any laptop in a hot environment.

But the laptop cooler pad for gaming is only for a laptop made for gaming or workstation. This cooler pad makes the rapid cooling to cool down your gaming laptop during heavy gaming sessions. An additional advantage of a cooling pad is the fact that it can offer a handy spot to settle the laptop of yours on all those times when you are really making use of it in the lap of yours — stopping a warmer notebook from remaining unpleasantly hot against the legs.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing

While the main feature of a laptop computer cooling pad is keeping the laptop cool, the most excellent laptop cooling pads offer extra functionality to create your laptop simpler to work with. They are available in an abundance of shapes, sizes and types based upon the capabilities.

Here are the first things that you must keep in mind before choosing your laptop cooler.

Cooling Capacity

Probably the most significant attribute associated with a cooling pad will be the quantity of airflow it’s effective at circulating. Commonly, airflow circulation is calculated in CFM (cubic feet per minute), and thus differs from design to model. Always pick a cooling pad whose fans are powerful and efficient to cool your laptop effectively.

Noise Generated by the Fans

 In case you’re focusing on the laptop, you certainly do not need some noise to distract you. Fortunately, the majority of laptop cooling pads are quiet; however, you might wish to choose the piece who makes the very least noise.

No. of Fans

The no. of fans on your cooling pad could also impact its overall performance. It’s a wise decision to figure out your laptop’s heating points then examine them with the place of fans on the available cooling pads.

Look of the Cooling Pad

When you use the laptop computer with a desk, it’s essential to select a cooling pad with height changes. In case you’re using it on your bed or maybe lap, ensure your pad has rounded edges and raised fans. If you’re a frequent traveller, you’d prefer a readily portable pad.

Remember that the power you receive out of any cool pad may differ in conditions of the cooling vents contained on the bottom part of the notebook of yours, and also the respective positions of theirs as compared to the place of the fans in the pad. As good sense would dictate, a right amount of vents on the underside of the laptop of yours is a high point here – and generally – and ideally these will be (roughly) lined up with the pad’s fans.

While the power may differ somewhat given the specific model of a laptop computer, you will probably discover some benefit from a cooling pad – and maybe a significant one, of course, providing, you pick one of the better versions around.

That is precisely where we are available in with the top picks of ours in various types, from cooler pads designed for huge laptops through to extremely lightweight ones, wallet-friendly pads, as well as models with great integrated accessories like RGB lights.

Top 5 Laptop Cooler Pads For Gaming

No. Name No. of fans Our ratings
1 Topmate C5 5 4.7
2 Yun laptop cooler pad 6 4.6
3 KLIM Cyclone cooler pad 5 4.5
4 Kootek Laptop cooler pad 5 4.5
5 Thermaltake 1 4.4

Enough with the chatter, let’s have a look at the best laptop cooling pad for gaming. We have handpicked these all cooler pads. Thus you can choose any of the below.

1. Kootek Laptop Cooling Pad – 12″-17″ Cooler Pad Chill Mat 5 Quiet Fans LED Lights and 2 USB 2.0 Ports Adjustable Mounts Laptop Stand Height Angle

This cooler pad occupies the mid-range of the price for laptop pads, but it’s thirty dollars cost is not apt to eliminate many people’s budgets. Additionally, it appears to offer excellent value for that price. This particular laptop pad possesses a stand made right in, and you can employ to change its angle and height, and it is outfitted with a few bright blues LED lighting if you wish to, then add flair to the experience of yours.

But the performance is the place where this computer cooler pad actually shines. Four little fans along with a bigger one may present you with an outstanding amount of cooling, though you do not have to keep it running at the power that is total in case you do not have to. The energy options could be modified based on four opportunities with the press of a switch. As well as at max power, these fans run amazingly quiet. And this is the best feature for me. While gaming, laptop make enough noise and along with that the sound of cooler fans can be annoying. But fortunately, it is hushed in this case.

 X3 uses a considerable 200mm fan, metal mesh platform along with a switch wheel fan speed controller, everything working along with each other to most successfully, cool laptops up to 17 inches.

Additionally, a gentle breeze is directed towards the hands of yours to have them cool when playing or working games under pressure. An integrated USB hub offers new connections to provide you with the option to incorporate more drives and peripherals.

Cooling fans with a requirement of a bit of flair is going to be bogged down by the functionality of the NotePal X3 and also the allure of its blue LED fan. The 200mm fan drives us at sixty-five 76.5 CFM producing noise amount at 16.23 dBA.

It’s a perforated metal mesh surface area that optimizes the airflow and offers a cooler pad for the overheated laptop. Additionally, it’s run by a USB power connector having a pass-through functionality, so you do not lose a USB port.

Its two height functions allow you to very quickly correct X slim’s incline to the preferred viewing or maybe typing angle.

This is an active cooling pad at an equally great value. Tremendous value for some money.

So now easily choose from amongst the very best laptop cooling pads readily available to make sure that your precious laptop’s overall performance is not hindered because of overheating. If your laptop remains cool, undoubtedly you will stay cool too!


  • It has a built-in fan speed controller.
  • High end 200 mm fan with green LED light helps dissipate severe heat from gaming laptops.
  • There is a vent in front of the cooler pad that keeps your hands cool.
  • It can support up to 17 inches of laptop.
  • It is made by one of the best companies in the PC gaming industry.
  • It can keep your gaming laptop cool even during heavy gaming.

Here are some of the pros and deceptions of this product.

  • It is tranquil.
  • The cooling performance is above average, and it gives you satisfactory results.
  • It has not many features as others.

2. Havit Laptop Cooler Pad for Gaming – 15.6″-17″ Laptop Cooler Cooling Pad – Slim Portable USB Powered (3 Fans)

The next member of our list is also quite famous in the laptop cooler pads for gaming. It is very well designed, ultra-portable but still the manufactured managed to make it thin and slim. The thing I like in this cooler pad is the diamond fashioned arrangement of the four fans. It is not only for the shape, but the manufacturers claim that this design helps to keep the heat away from your laptop and keep it cool.

In the Havit laptop cooler pad, four fans come with more control and performance. You get a manual fan controller that give you the freedom to set the fan speed according to your workload. For instance, you are traveling, and you just need your laptop for some browsing and stuff, then you can set the cooler pad speed to minimum. Thus you can save a lot of battery on the go.

Now you don’t have to bother about your laptop to slide off the cooler pad, as Havit cooler pad comes with anti-skid mats grips that give a firm hold to your laptop, no matter how heavy is that.

Just plug it into among the USB ports of the laptop computer of yours with a removable USB 2.0 Type A Male to Type A Male Cable, then you’re entirely free to go. Tips: the USB 2.0 Type A Male to Type A Male cable is purchased from Havit repair shop and replaced separately in the situation the first cable wore away, so you do not need to change the entire cooling pad.


  • The adjustable fan speed control gives you more freedom.
  • Diamond fashioned fans arrangement give boosted performance.
  • Anti-skid mates make sure that your expensive gaming laptop is safe and sound.
  • Very slim and lightweight, so you can carry it with yourself anywhere you want.

Here are some pros and deceptions of this cooler pad for gaming.

  • Compatible with laptops of up to 17 inches.
  • Ultra-portable and lightweight.
  • One year warranty.
  • The lights do not have a separate switch, so you have to live with that.

3. TopMate C5 laptop Cooling Pad for Gaming – 12-15.6 inch Gaming Laptop Cooler Cooling Pad | 5 Quiet Fans and LCD Screen | 2500RPM Strong Wind Designed for Gamers and Office

This laptop cooler pad from Topmate is really cool. The unique feature is its display that shows you the speed of the fans- it is not that necessary, but it is still a feature. Right!

Let’s review this product.

First of all, let’s take a look at the most crucial part of the cooler pad, and those are fans. It comes with five fans with some super cool performance. Moreover, you can modify the height of the pad. But you can only accommodate a maximum of 15 inches of a laptop, the laptop bigger than that can find themselves challenging to adjust over there.

Now come towards the LCD, it comes not only with the LCD but also with the buttons to adjust the fans speed, and that is really my thing, as you know, I love to improve the speed of fans according to the workload on my laptop.

You get the freedom to adjust the speed of the fans up to 6 levels, and that is cool. For instance, if your laptop battery is draining, and you still need to keep your laptop cool, then you can find this feature as a miracle.

Compact laptop cooling pad produces a continuous and even airflow under your laptop to disperse the heat generated by the CPU and GPU in the laptop case. It has excellent cooling performance and all the functions you need while staying slim, light and calm.

Adjustable height settings

The different design of this laptop cooling pad offers five height settings to position your laptop optimally and offers you the most relaxed angle of inclination for the all-day view.

Button screen switch, eye-catching blue LED light

Key display screen to adjust the wind speed of five fans, eye-catching blue LED light to better see the wind speed status of the fans (the brighter the light, the faster the speed)


  • One of the top features of this cooler pad is the performance.
  • It comes with five fans, thus gives a perfect cooling.
  • The design is quite good and comfy for gaming.
  • You can adjust the height of the pad using the physical adjuster.
  • You can easily alter the speed of fans using the buttons.
  • It comes with an LCD so that you can see the current fan speed.
  • Fans speed can be adjusted for up to 6 levels.

The following are some of the notable pros and cons of the product.

  • Extraordinary cooling and performance.
  • Height adjustment capability.
  • Fan speed adjustment feature.
  • LCD monitors the speed of fans.
  • Not that slim

4. Thermaltake Massive 20 RGB – RGB Steel Mesh Panel Single 200mm Fan 10″‐19″ Laptop Notebook Cooling Pad

The Thermaltake Massive 20 RGB is a 256-colour RGB LED illuminated notebook cooler with five lighting modes (Wave, RGB Spectrum, Pulse, Blink and Full Lighted). Built-in 200mm fan-adjustable speed control delivers ultra-cooling performance, and ergonomic design ensures optimum screen height and prevents excessive rotation. Supports up to 19 notebooks, simply powered by USB from the laptop.

It’s one 200mm fan for cooling (the fan speed is adjustable), and you can find three utterly different height settings (up to an angle of 13 degrees). The big fan offers active cooling for the older laptops, and you also get RGB lighting around the sides of the pad with numerous different modes (pulsing, blinking, or maybe only fixed brightness of colors that are different).

It is transformed from plastic, and the build quality is probably not the very best you will deal with in the cooling pad world. However, It is plenty durable sufficient to carry out the responsibility of supporting a hefty gaming laptop. Note that the sale price is relatively hefty here, also.

Thermaltake Massive 20 RGB is a 256-colour RGB LED-illuminated notebook cooler with five lighting modes (Wave, RGB spectrum, pulsating, blinking and full illumination). It is equipped with adjustable fan speed control, and the 20cm fan offers optimal cooling performance with low noise. The ergonomic design ensures an optimal screen height and avoids excessive turning and turning of the notebook. Notebooks with a display size of up to 19 “are supported. The power supply t is guaranteed via USB. The Thermaltake Massive 20 RGB offers your laptop an ultimate look and creates a beautiful RGB atmosphere.

Match and mix – make your lighting atmosphere

By pressing the color change button, the five LED schemes (wave, pulsating, RGB spectrum, pulsating plus total illumination) is changed.

Ideal airflow

A secure, integrated, quiet 200 mm fan plus adaptable fan rate over the edge has an adequate airflow for optimum cooling performance to lessen the general temperature of your laptop computer or notebook.

Supports as much as 19″ gaming notebooks

The support surface provides sufficient room and very best cooling properties for notebooks around the size of 19″.

Ergonomic concept

With three adjustable height options (three °, nine ° along with thirteen °), you can quickly correct the viewing perspective and ergonomic positioning to the requirements of yours.

Completely Illuminated

Static lighting in the choice of yours of styles, blue, including red, green and white.

RGB spectrum

A seamless transition across the whole 256 RGB color spectrum.

Pulsating flashing

Monochrome light, including seven options, white, blue, light blue, green, yellow, red, and purple that flashes on and off and also ends in and out.

Cool breeze

An RGB wave moves over the whole notebook cooler.


  • It comes with one of the best cooling systems for your gaming laptop.
  • You get a battery with it, and that you can charge using the cable with your laptop.
  • The speed of the fans is also alterable, so it is an excellent way to preserve the battery on normal usage.
  • You get RGB light in it. As this is specially made for gaming laptops, Thermaltake took some creativity to build a cooler pad for gamers.
  • Fans with high cooling performance;
  • Comfortable washing ensures comfort;
  • Ergonomic design for the best viewing/typing angle;
  • Easy access to the fan for quick cleaning;
  • Powered by the extender USB port, you will not lose a USB port;
  • Cable cables for easy USB cable management;
  • Supports laptops up to 17 “.
  • Fans are not that quiet.

5. TECHNET Laptop Cooling Pad for Gaming – Portable Ultra-Slim Quiet Laptop Notebook Cooler Cooling Pad Stand with 2 USB Powered Fans, Fits 12-16 Inches

The TeckNet N5 has an ergonomic and comfortable work surface to help keep you as well as your laptop cool. The N5 rests on the lap of yours. It disperses heat produced by the laptop computer, using two fans to offer ventilation which may be impeded whether the laptop computer is on a pillow or a comforter.

TeckNet laptop cooling pad comes with double oversized quiet fans at 1200 rpm, draw cool air from the underside of this laptop cooling pad. Full-range metal mesh can optimize airflow, which means it can quickly dissipate the large amount of heat that laptop cases generate.

USB powered 118mm fan and power switch design, extremely quiet and easy to use; No mains connection required.

Ergonomic comfort: Two-level, adjustable design helps to lift and tilt the notebook display, making the keyboard more comfortable; Rubber handles on the floor can prevent your laptop from slipping.

Additional USB port: Two built-in USB ports allow the connection of another USB device. The blue LED indicators on the back can show whether the laptop cooler is running.

Compatibility: Assists various laptop sizes from 12 to 17 inches, such as Apple MacBook Pro Air, Lenovo, HP, Alienware, Dell, ASUS etc. (USB cable included)


  • RGB lighting (5 different modes can be controlled via the controller on the notebook cooler).
  • Supports notebooks up to 19 “
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Dimensions: 47 x 35.5 x 4.6 cm.
  • 200mm fan with adjustable fan speed.

Here are some pros and cons for this laptop cooler pad.

  • The fans do not make much noise.
  • The design is really comfy, and you can game for hours.
  • Anti-skid design to make sure that your laptop is safe on it.
  • Perfect metal mesh surface.
  • You can not adjust the height.
  • There is no separate switch for lights.

6. KLIM Cyclone Laptop Cooling Pad – 5 Fans Cooler – No More Overheating – Increase Your PC Performance and Life Expectancy – Ventilated Support for Laptop

Klim is an insane laptop cooling pad for gaming. The looks of this laptop cooler pad are overwhelming. It comes with the red lights in it that give strong gaming vibes. This model has four embedded fans that each reaches up to 1200 revolutions per minute. When you put your laptop on, you can be sure that it will cool down to reasonable temperatures in less than a minute. This prevents you from losing performance and extends the lifespan of your laptop.


Whether too big or too small, the KLIM Wind always fits, regardless of the size of your laptop. If your laptop is between 27.94 cm (11 “) and 40.64 cm (16”) tall, the wind will indirectly cool the components over the entire underside. Between 40.64 cm (16 “) and 48.26 cm (19”), your laptop is more powerful than the wind but remains stable. Regardless of your preferences, you don’t have to worry about tipping over, thanks to the feet, and the KLIM wind is steady.


We often think that a laptop cooler is loud, but the KLIM Wind manages to achieve high performance and remain quiet.

In operation, it doesn’t get louder than 26dB. For comparison: a whisper or the rustling of the leaves has about 20dB.

The KLIM Wind can also illuminate your desk thanks to its LED lights.


KLIM Wind is one of our prime laptop, coolers. It’s a real success story that has delivered excellence over the years and is valued by thousands of customers worldwide. You can buy this ventilated laptop stand with absolute certainty, knowing that there is an experienced brand behind it.


  • Purely made for gaming.
  • It comes with the frontal tab, that gives the firm support while using your laptop.
  • Performance is impressive because of five super fast and efficient fans.
  • You can buy this laptop cooler pad in two light colours- blue and Red.

If you want to conclude, whether to buy this or not, let me help you by giving some of the notable pros and cons here.

  • Dual light option.
  • Excellent performance even for very long sessions.
  • It is made up of durable material.
  • Not light in weight.

7. Yun laptop cooler pad for gaming – 6 Quite Fans and Touch Control,900-2600RPM Strong Wind Designed for Gamers and Office,BB6

Here comes the most powerful laptop cooler pad for gaming. Yun BB6 is one of the best laptop cooling pad that keeps the laptop cool with its six powerful fans. You also get the freedom to adjust the speed of fans and much more using the touch screen.

This an excellent Laptop cooling pad with a bright touch button operation three-stage cooling mode setting is also very convenient. The control of the wind speed is very comfortable and fast, depending on your requirements.

Six reticent fans ensure optimal airflow from 900 to 2600 rpm as well as deep cooling of your computer and provide a safe and noise-free environment. 2 switches, you can adjust the wind speed, one of the switches controls three fans, and the other switch controls three fans. With non-slip baffle, effectively prevents the laptop from slipping, suitable for any thickness of the notebook.

Raise and tilt your notebook display and keyboard, ergonomic comfort to reduce the use of computer neck ministry and back pain — laptop cooler cover on a 12-15.6-inch notebook. For laptops from 17 inches, your notebook exceeds the width of the cooler. However, the notebook cooler works on the motherboard and the CPU of the notebook. The cooler covers the entire area. This has to be cooled to cool down your laptop quickly without affecting stability and heat dissipation. (USB cable included).


  • Six robust cooling fans.
  • The red light can be controlled using the buttons.
  • Speed of the fans can be adjusted as per need.
  • You can also customize the extent of the pad.
  • There are two stands in front of the pad to make sure that your laptop does not slip down in any direction.
  • Six powerful fans.
  • Adjustable fan speed.
  • Lcd for monitoring the speed and fans number.
  • Premium build quality.
  • Height of the pad can be adjusted.
  • Fans make a little bit of extra noise.

8. KLIM Wind Laptop Cooling Pad – Laptop Stand with 4 Fans at 1200 RPM + Rapid Action Cooling Fan + Laptop Cooler Compatible Between 10 and 19 inches + Laptop Cooling Fan + New 2020 Version

The next member of our list is also from the manufacturers of Klim. This has a bit different design and four fans, but all these four fans are compelling. This model has four embedded fans that each reach up to 1200 revolutions per minute. When you put your laptop on, you can be sure that it will cool down to reasonable temperatures in less than a minute. This prevents you from losing performance and extends the lifespan of your laptop.

This cooling pad is an investment. There will be no overheating of the components. This maximizes the life expectancy of your PC and increases its performance.


Covers the following sizes: 11 11.3 12 13 14 15 15.6 16. Compatible with the following sizes: 17.3 18 and 19 inches. With these sizes, the laptop will protrude over the edges of the cooling pad but will remain completely stable. The KLIM wind itself is extremely stable and will standstill. The cooler is also ideal as a laptop pad.


 It has Four rotating fans with up to 1200 revolutions per minute. It is a robust system that can cool down your PC to the average temperature in less than a minute. These four fans keep your entire laptop cool.


KLIM Wind is superior to other coolers in terms of design and quality of materials. It is a risk-free purchase.


 KLIM Wind has 2 USB ports so that you can use one of them freely. It will chill your laptop regardless of its age or intensity of use. Our customers achieved excellent results in gaming, photo and video editing, as well as old laptops. If your laptop overheats and works slowly, the cooling effect will surely increase its performance.


  • It has a unique design.
  • Much durable and easy to use.
  • It has four fans that are robust enough for instantly cooling down your laptop.
  • The front stand helps to make a firm grip of your gaming laptop on the pad.

Here are some of the pros and deceptions of the product at a glance.

  • The more significant design thus has better compatibility.
  • Metal mesh surface.
  • Firm grip for your laptop.
  • Over the edge performance.
  • You can easily adjust the elevation of the pad.
  • The more significant design thus has better compatibility.
  • Metal mesh surface.
  • Firm grip for your laptop.
  • Over the edge performance.
  • You can easily adjust the elevation of the pad.

9. Voxon laptop cooler pad for Gaming – 6 Fans Notebook Laptop Cooler Cooling Pad with LED Lights, Dual USB Ports, Red LED Lights, Suitable for 12-19 Inch Laptops

This cooling pad is also made for gamers. It comes in two different led colours- blue and red. If you are a gamer, you will go for red. Voxon laptop cooler pad is for the laptops that need extreme cooling as they get hot with time. Or if you have an old gaming laptop, it must be lacking a proper cooling system, so for that kind of laptop, this six fans Voxon cooling pad is recommended.

Six 85mm fans with blue or red LEDs turn quietly at 1400rpm to draw cold air from the bottom of this laptop cooling pad. The highly efficient metal grille optimizes the airflow to quickly dissipate the enormous amount of heat generated in the laptop case — no power connection required for USB fan. You can connect an additional USB device via the two integrated USB ports. There are 2-stage adjustable angle for lifting and tilting the notebook display and the keyboard for more comfort.

Compatibility: The laptop cooler supports laptop sizes up to 19 inches and offers a stable surface on which you can work comfortably on the computer.


  • Mesh metal surface let the heat flow away from your laptop. Plastic and rubber materials offer durability.
  • Built-in monitor stand with two levels. Two adjustable designs to lift and tilt your notebook display and keyboard for more comfort and better display and typing functions. The non-slip design blocks the laptop from slipping.
  • Thin, portable and light: The pad has an ergonomic design that is thin, light and easy to carry. And because it is powered by USB, you don’t have to take any extra cables or a bulky battery with you.

Let’s take a glance at the pros and deceptions of the Voxon laptop cooler pad.

  • Six powerful fans.
  • Adjustable pad.
  • Big size for any kind of laptops.
  • Powerful cooling performance.
  • No specific stand to hold the laptop.
  • Fans make a little bit of noise.

10. Havit RGB Laptop Cooler Pad – 15.6-17 Inch Laptop with 3 Quiet Fans and Touch Control, Pure Metal Panel Portable Cooler

This is another product from havit. Havit is quite famous for making Pc gaming products. HAVIT Metal laptop cooler for 15.6-17 inch laptops

Ideal for games and work

This cooling pad was developed for games and work and supported laptops up to 15.6 “-17”.

Extremely stable

The quiet motor and three large fans ensure outstanding airflow and a speed of over 1,100 rpm. The wind itself is extremely stable and will standstill.


The laptop cooler provides excellent air circulation so you can work all day without making noise and interrupting the airflow.

RGB sidelight

Rotatable switch for setting the wind speed of four fans. Eye-catching blue LED light and RGB sidelight to understand the fan’s wind speed status better. (The brighter the light, the faster the speed.)

Adjustable height adjustment

Thanks to the ergonomically adjustable height adjustment, the HAVIT laptop cooler offers you the most relaxing angle of inclination.

Additional USB connection

Built-in Two USB ports allow you to connect another USB device.


  • The unique feature of this cooler pad is the RGB lights.
  • You can also customize the elevation of the pad.
  • It comes with the three powerful fans, keeps your laptop cool during work and gaming.
  • The performance is excellent.
  • The RGB lights give gaming vibes.
  • The build quality is excellent and premium.
  • The fan is noise is minimal.
  • No controllers to control the RGB lights.

Final Verdict

These are the top 10 best laptop cooler pads for gaming that you can buy in 2020. As we handpick all the cooling pads, you can buy with confidence — all you have to select the design and fans limit according to your needs. If you use your laptop for heavy gaming or video editing and content creation, then you should buy a cooler pad with the maximum number of fans. You should also keep in mind the size of your laptop as compared to the cooler pad before purchasing.

If you have any questions, you can ask in the comments section below. Also let us know your feedbacks.

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