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How to Close Apps on Android Smartphones

Multitasking is an excellent innovation in smartphones in which you can switch between one app to the other in no time, without restarting that...
How to Find a Job With LinkedIn

How to Find a Job With LinkedIn in 2021

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Top 10 Best iPhone Games to Play in 2021

How to Connect iPhone or iPad to TV

No doubt iPhone has the best display in the smartphone market, but anyhow you may need to connect your iPhone or iPad...

How to Cancel Amazon Prime Free Trial: Step by Step Guide

Amazon Prime comes with a lot of perks including free and fast delivery option, here is a brief guide if you want...

How to Change My Laptop Password



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Nvidia RTX 3080 already have Outperformed the Titan RTX

Since the announcement of the new Nvidia RTX 3080 graphics cards, there has been quite the outcry...

9 Hacks to get a Job with LinkedIn in 2021

LinkedIn can help you to apply for a job in simple and easy steps. But if you are new to LinkedIn, you...

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TechSaaz - how to take a screenshot on android

How to take a Screenshot on Any Android Smartphone

Although all the smartphone manufacturing companies have the same Android OS, the method for taking a screenshot is different for every smartphone because of their customized UI. Moreover, the method of...
Best Gaming Laptop for College Students

Top 9 Best Gaming Laptops for College Students in 2021

No doubt that your gaming laptop can be compelling, but you can not just carry a hefty notebook with you in college. You have to take the books and...
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How to Increase Battery Life of Laptop in 2021

One of the most demanding features in a laptop is its battery life, and having a brilliant laptop but pathetic battery life can be very frustrated. The concept of...
how to delete photos from iphone

How to Delete Photos from iPhone: Free Up Space on iPhone

You might be familiar that the iPhone has a limited storage space and the size of photos is getting bigger due to high-quality cameras. Is your iPhone filled-up with unnecessary pictures that...