Monday, March 27, 2023

Nvidia RTX 3080 already have Outperformed the Titan RTX

Since the announcement of the new Nvidia RTX 3080 graphics cards, there has been quite the outcry in the gaming community. The...
how to increase battery life of laptop

How to Increase Battery Life of Laptop in 2023

best wireless mouse for laptops

Top 15 Best Wireless Mouse for Laptops in 2023

how to choose between two jobs

How to Choose Between Two Jobs

chat gpt

How Can Chat GPT Remove Plagiarism?

Chat GPT is an AI chatbot trained on a large dataset and using a natural language model to interact with people. Unfortunately,...

Easiest Way to Record the Screen on Your iPhone & Android

Finding the best way for Recording the screen on your iPhone or Android can really be a hassle if you are in...



How To Guides

How to Record a phone calls on Android in 2023

There was a time when almost all the Android phone had call recording as an inbuilt feature to record phone calls on...

Top 5 Best Gaming Laptops Under 900 in 2023

Is it possible to play high-end games when you are low on budget? Can you get a beast like performance best gaming...

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features of apple watch

12 Exciting Features You Can Use With the Apple Watch

What can you do with an Apple watch? Besides of having notifications and time on your Apple watch, you can do several cool things with your...
How to reset iPhone without password

3 Tips to Reset any Disabled or Locked iPhone without Password

In today's world, mobile security and passwords are essential for protecting your data and information. But, if you forget your passcode, you would find it incredibly challenging to get...
TechSaaz - how to hack a wifi password on android

4 Ways to Hack a WiFi Password on Android in 2023 [No Root]

Yes, you can hack a WiFi Password on your Android. But it is not that easy. Time has been changed, once there was an era when...
how to delete photos from iphone

How to Delete Photos from iPhone: Free Up Space on iPhone

You might be familiar that the iPhone has a limited storage space and the size of photos is getting bigger due to high-quality cameras. Is your iPhone filled-up with unnecessary pictures that...
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