Top 10 Battery Saving Tips for Android Smartphones

battery charging tips for android phones

Android Phones comes with either lithium-ion or lithium polymer batteries, and they can be packed with a lot of power. But unfortunately, due to the fancy hardware of modern Android Phones, they can be discharged very quickly and leave you frustrated.

But luckily an Android phone can be customized to a significant extent so you can get a lot of battery juice just by a few tweaks. And here are the top 10 battery saving tips for android phones.

The first and the most recommended

1. Shutdown the Apps after using them

Battery Saving Tips for Android

No doubt that the multitasking feature of Android is great and it helps a lot while doing some office work or while playing games, for that android keep the apps running in the background but most of the time there is no need for that.

Apps running in the background that can be accessed in the recent apps feature drains a lot of battery. You can kill each app with just a swipe of finger after using that. It will not only increase your battery but also improves performance.

2. Adjust Backlight Timing

The leading cause of battery drainage is the screen. So having full control over it can noticeably increase the battery timing. You can decrease the backlight timing so that it will turn off once you get your hands off your phone.

Go to Settings and search for backlight settings or sleep settings. Set the time to the minimum. You are done!

3. Adjust Screen Resolution – Best Battery Saving Tips for Android

Android phones are getting advanced day by day, and one of the most premium features that are getting better and better is the screen, most of the phones are coming with the 1080p display, and that uses a lot of battery.

Some top-notch phones are also offering 2k display, and that is the real battery sucker.Battery Saving Tips for Android

But there is good news, you can adjust that in settings. Go to Settings and search for resolution settings, here you will see the options according to your screen resolution. Set it to lowest. Now you will see a dramatic increase in the battery timing.

4. Turn off the Location Services.

Nobody wants to leak his/her location information with an app, except google maps.

Moreover, it uses a lot of battery.

So always keep it off.

There are also other features like this, for example, NFC and Bluetooth, don’t forget to turn them off; moreover, they are all here to steal your battery timing.

5. Do not use Auto Brightness.

It may sound weird, but the truth is that most of the sensors do not detect the light more efficiently and make the screen brighter even if it is not needed. Thus it can cause slow drainage of battery. This will also give you the best results.

You can find the auto brightness settings in the Notification Panel or Display Settings.

6. Avoid Fast Charge

It is the most used feature of this era as everyone is in a hurry, and no one has time to charge their phone. You can charge your phone in 30 to 40 minutes in most of the cases, but the fact is that it also drains that fast.

Using fast Charging is suitable for short term usage, but if you are going on a long trip, always charge using the standard charging option.

Note: The most advanced phones nowadays have introduced fast charging that does not affect the battery life. So if you have a latest smartphone, don’t even bother to restrain from fast charging.

7. Kill the Apps Running in the Background

This is a real task in android phone, and if you have rooted your phone, then it is pretty easy as you have full control over your phone to kill as many apps you want whether they are system apps or not.

But for a non-rooted device, you have to disable all the apps one by one manually.

Go to Settings > Apps and kill the apps one by one you don’t want to use.

For that, open that specific app and force stop that.

Moreover, you can also disable the bolt ware apps in the same settings, that also gives the significant amount of battery power for the day.

You can use the following apps to kill background apps.

8. Restrict Background Data

Background usage of data can also be a real battery sucker — almost all the apps, whether online or offline use the data for showing ads. So even you shut down that specific app, that can still use the data.

But luckily you can customize that too; thanks to Android.

Go to Settings > Data Settings > Restrict Background Data

9. Enable Dark Mode

Unfortunately, it is not available for Android phones to have software version under 9.0, but you can apply dark mode in many apps, including messenger app and chrome to save a lot of battery.

If you have 9.0 version Android, go to Settings and search for the dark mode and activate that. It has been tested that using the dark method regularly for a week significantly increase the battery timings.

10. Enable Battery Saver & Battery Saving Tips for Android

This is one of the effective battery saving tips in this post. If you have a hectic routine and don’t have time to take care of every setting mentioned above manually, then you can simply turn on the battery saving feature from settings. Almost every android has this feature, but every manufacturer has designed it according to its UI.

For example, Samsung phones have three levels of battery saving tips for Android

  • In the normal mode, it remains off and gives the maximum performance.
  • In power saving mode, it controls some background processes and restricts background data thus saves a lot of battery; most of the time, having enable this feature does not have any effect on the phone’s performance.
  • In the ultra power saving mode, all the apps are turned off by the OS, and you can get access to some of your most essential apps, it also turns on the dark mode (even for lower than 9.0 Android versions)


Making the phone’s battery last longer is not a headache anymore if you follow the above top 10 tips for saving your android smartphones battery manually. From all of the above, adjusting screen brightness and restricting background data works best for me the most.

Applying the optimization also requires a basic knowledge of how you use your phone? Which apps do you use the most? Battery Saving Tips for Android

Do let us know in comments, which method worked for you?

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