The Ultimate Guide on How to Charge Battery of Car in 2023

how to charge battery of car

We don’t usually check our car’s battery, Charge Battery of Car especially because of a hectic routine. And often battery becomes dead on the peak time of need like the worst nightmare and we have no idea how we’re gonna Charge Battery of Car.

But there are some quick solutions that you can apply in a hurry and can get your car going in no time. There can be several reasons for that, like you have not driven the car for a long time, or due to the cold weather. Get more information.

Running a lot of battery demanding operations in the car like heavy music system and Air conditioner can also make your battery dead with time.

Whatever the reason is, you can get your car back in action using jump-start cables if you don’t have a charger on time. For that you have to borrow the neighbor’s car or your wife’s car for that because you were going to need another battery to get some juice from.

Keep reading, and you will find all the possible solutions and precautions you need. Charge Battery of Car

Also, don’t forget to tell us in comments about what method you use frequently to charge the battery of your car.

Here is the step by step guide to charging your car battery.

1. Jump-start the battery (Quick one-time charge)

how to charge battery of car

Use this method in the time of hurry, because it will not charge your battery for a long run, but you can get your car going quickly for a couple of drives. You need a pair of jumper cables and a battery from which you are going to take the juice.

Precautions before Jump-start

You have to take care of a couple of things before getting into this method:

  • Inspect the condition of the battery; check out if it is not fully dead.
  • Do check out for leakage.
  • Take a look at terminals if they are in good condition, if not take hot water in a pot and clean it with some sandpaper, be very careful because the battery has an acid that can seriously damage your skin and clothes.
  • Wear rubber gloves for protection from acid.

After making sure that all the above precaution are done, go for the jumpstart.

Jump-starting the battery & Charge Battery of Car

You do need a battery to start the process, if that battery is in another car, bring that closer to your car and park it in the bumper to bumper position so that wires can easily be attached.

Follow the steps now.

  • Lift the front covers of both cars.
  • Jump-start wires are of two types, The red one for Positive sign and the negative one has blue or black color (it’s universal), do remember these colors and symbols because it will help you to connect without any damage.
  • Now attach the Red wire the positive terminal on the charged battery, and blue with the negative terminal.
  • Now attach the Red wire with the positive terminal of the bad battery, and blue wire with an unpainted metal surface in the car right next to the engine.
  • Start the engine and if it starts, congratulations it’s done! But if the driver does start, give it more five minutes to start.
  • After starting the engine, do not turn off it, and keep it running for a 30 to 40 minutes drive as it is a quick charge and battery can go back in dead condition.

2. Using a Charger (portable)

how to charge battery of car

It can be used only if you are not in a hurry and want to charge the battery for the long run, as it takes up to 8 hours and best for charging a battery overnight.

Now there are two options:

  1. You can take out the battery and charge it from an auto shop.Charge Battery of Car


2. You can purchase a portable charger and can charge the battery at home, as charging the battery overnight at home is a good option and saves you from a lot of physical work.

The choice is yours. If you have a charger, then follow the steps to charge your car’s battery overnight at home.

  • Portable charger comes with the two cables, same as a jump-start.
  • Now connect the red one with the positive terminal of the battery, and blue one with the negative terminal, make sure that they are clipped tight because that affect battery charging speed.
  • Once you are sure that battery is connected to the charger, plug the charger in the electric switch and leave for good.
  • This is a car’s battery and takes up to 8 hours to fully charge, so the best practice is to charge it overnight when you don’t need your car. Get more information.

Before connecting charger with the battery make sure to read the Precautions if you have missed that.

What if nothing works?

If no method from the above guide is working for you, probably your battery is dead completely, or some cells of the battery are dead or damaged.

Now its time to take it to the auto shop. They will fix that by replacing the damaged cells.

But if you want to take a fresh start and want to buy a new battery, then these are some best options you can try from Amazon. They have pretty good ratings, and they are also not very expensive.

You can also replace the battery from the local auto shop, almost all the auto shops take the old batteries and replace them with new ones.


If you want to charge your car battery in a hurry then jump-starting it is the solution, and Here you can see step by step guide about how to jump-start the battery of the car.

But if you want to charge the battery of the car at home or overnight then to invest in a portable charger is a good trade.Charge Battery of Car

In the end, please do consider an inspection of your battery, if nothing works for you, then it is the time for giving a new battery gift to your car.

Please tell us in the comments on what methods worked for you and what you personally recommend to others?Charge Battery of Car


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