Top 15 Best Wireless Mouse for Laptops in 2023

best wireless mouse for laptops

Wireless mouse brings convenience, reduces inconvenient wired connections that causes manipulation. Wireless mouse accessories are increasingly popular and used, but many people really don’t know about the device and how to choose appropriate one.

We’ve taken into account factors like battery life, design, and ergonomics to make sure that you get the most out of your purchase. So whether you’re a gamer or a professional looking for an upgrade, there’s something here for everyone.

What is a wireless mouse?

A wireless mouse is a computer device that connects wirelessly (Bluetooth, RF or RFID technology) to transmit signals and control computer cursor control. Users will use the mouse as a tool to adjust the cursor up, down, left and right, manipulation in and out, opening new tabs quickly.

best wireless mouse for laptop

Wireless mice use optical light sensors on hard surfaces to determine the direction of rotation, and the speed determines the light sensitivity of optical sensors.

The signal processing unit captures images from the movement to determine the direction of the cursor movement, the signal from the mouse is transmitted, received and received at the USB receiver that captures the signal attached to the device and sends commands to the Laptop.

Should you buy a wired or wireless mouse?

Wireless and wired mice are widely used in the market, each with different advantages and disadvantages that brings about its own value. Many people are hesitant to buy a suitable wireless or wired mouse, compare below about wireless and wired mouse for users to better understand the accessories:

Wireless mouse characteristics

Wireless mouse uses signal connections thanks to the separate sender and receiver, reducing cumbersome connection wires, the stable operating range within 10m, and more flexible use, easy to carry conveniently.

best wireless mouse for laptop

The mouse uses a battery and must be replaced with cells regularly; the signaling path will depend on the technology and application, the price of a wireless mouse is higher than that of a wired mouse and the cost of buying batteries.

Wired mouse feature

Wired mice use an optical cable connection, connecting to the direct line, sometimes connecting wires will limit the user in manipulation, carry away more inconvenient, wired mouse volume lighter than wireless mice.

best wireless mouse for laptop

Wired mice use the power directly from the computer, a more stable connection, faster signal transmission, and reflexes for jobs that require high accuracy, cheaper wired mice.

Which Company’s Wireless mouse should you buy?

Which company’s wireless mouse should you buy? It is one of the questions that have been a hot topic in recent times because choosing a suitable mouse model is not so easy, so to have an overview below, we have a list of ethical brands. Most you should refer to.

Logitech wireless mouse

If you are a professional who uses a wireless mouse, surely you must know Logitech. This is one of the brands concentrating on producing the best wireless mouse today. With a snug design style, bland processing speed, the mouse lines of Logitech can meet many different purposes, such as gaming, office workers.

Logitech best wireless mouse

Famous products of Logitech quality include Logitech M185 and Logitech M238 wireless optical mouse; these are two designs using 2.4 GHz speed to help processing speed perfect in any environment.

Apple wireless mouse

When it is apple, we often think of breakthrough technology products such as the iPhone, iPad, tablet, or iMac, etc. with elegant design style, user-friendly experience that has helped apple always stand headed first around the globe.

Apple wireless mouse

The mouse models that Apple categorizes are highly praised by users with rechargeable peculiarities while in use, large battery capacity, and a condensed design that fits in your hand, creating a feel that is incredibly comfortable during use.

Xiaomi wireless mouse

People mention Xiaomi as an apple two company because of its rich, luxurious, and classy layout, now Xiaomi is a name that is close to USA users by tablets, mobile phones, Or Bluetooth devices.

Xiaomi wireless mouse

Almost all of Xiaomi’s wireless mouse goods are of good quality and affordable price and thus suitable for low-income people, so the newly launched products of Xiaomi have created a wave for users.

Microsoft wireless mouse

Microsoft wireless mouse

The world’s number one software company is known for its world-changing technology products such as the office suite, the Windows OS we are using, and in the future Microsoft will focus heavily on the machine part. Their big screens, mobile phones, and wireless mouse.

The wireless mouse of Microsoft is not only a good state but also encounters the latest technology of this company, such as laser technology, a very smooth sliding mouse, and especially with a lovely design.

Fuhlen wireless mouse

Fuhlen is a manufacturer of great keyboards in the world; its products are specially designed for many different market segments, including PC gamers; the strength of Fuhlen is a variety of high-speed models. Similar to their mechanical keyboard products.

Fuhlen wireless mouse

Fuhlen promises to bring you a high-quality product that lasts up to 1 year.

Should you buy a Logitech or Genius wireless mouse?

Wireless mouse on the market is quite diverse, a variety of choices from big and small brands, the two most popular and best-rated wireless mouse brands Logitech and Genius, here is a comparison of product characteristics from 2 brands on:

Logitech wireless mouse characteristics

Logitech wireless mouse models truly enter the legend with high durability, high-quality materials for enduring products, stable performance, impact resistance, and superior lifespan Logitech for impressive designs, robust, diverse models of luxury.

Logitech wireless mouse characteristics

Logitech wireless connection and technology is well-rated, the mouse works well on many surfaces, smart processors, fast shutter speeds, and image analysis for rapid and primary operation body.

The battery consumption of Logitech mice is lower, using proprietary battery technology more challenging to use replacement batteries but with long battery life.

Genius wireless mouse characteristics

Genius wireless mouse brand is appreciated but younger than its development history, durability, longevity, but not really outstanding, liberal design, youthful and fashionable for young people.

Genius wireless mouse characteristics

Signal transmission is stable with the technology developed later. Still, the transmission efficiency is quite large, Genius mice use standard batteries, easy to replace, but cost more to use and replace batteries.

Top 15 Best Wireless Mouse for Laptops

Ultra Quiet Mouse Ultra Quiet Mouse Logitech M330 Silent Plus
  • Features:90% Less Click Noise, 2 Year Battery Life, Ergonomic Right-Hand Shape for Computers and Laptops, USB Unifying Receiver, Black
  • Price:$$
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Premium Build Quality Premium Build Quality Apple Magic Mouse 2
  • Features:Very slim and sleek, Premium build quality, Rechargeable
  • Price:$$
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Premium Build Premium Build Logitech MX Master 2S
  • Features:Use on Any Surface, Hyper-fast Scrolling, Ergonomic Shape, Rechargeable, Control up to 3 Apple Mac and Windows Computers (Bluetooth or USB), Graphite
  • Price:$$
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Wireless Gaming Mouse Wireless Gaming Mouse Logitech G304
  • Features:High sensitivity, precision in every operation, Smooth operation with six keys, shorten the operation time, Lightweight, comfortable to use, High strength, battery saving.
  • Price:$$
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Nice Design Nice Design Xiaomi Portable Bluetooth Mouse
  • Features:Wireless Computer Mice 2.4Ghz 1200dpi Portable Mini Gaming Mouse for Laptop Desktop (Black)
  • Price:$$
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High performance High performance Logitech G Pro Hero
  • Features:High performance HERO 16K Sensor: Logitech’s most accurate competition grade sensor yet with up to 16,000 DPI for the ultimate in gaming speed, accuracy and responsiveness across entire DPI range
  • Price:$$
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Simply Awesome Simply Awesome Microsoft Surface Mobile Mouse
  • Features:Elegant, sculpted design — sits comfortably in your hand. Available in a choice of rich colors. Up to 1 year of battery life
  • Price:$$
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Lightning-Fast Speed Lightning-Fast Speed Logitech G903
  • Features:POWERPLAY Wireless Charging Compatible: the world’s first and only wireless gaming mouse charging system, to keep G903 (and G703) charged while at play and at rest. Max acceleration >40G3. Cable length – 1.80 m
  • Price:$$$
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Best for Gaming Best for Gaming Asus ROG Gladius II
  • Features:Origin Wired USB Optical Ergonomic FPS Gaming Mouse featuring Aura Sync RGB, 12000 DPI Optical, 50G Acceleration, 250 IPS sensors and swappable Omron switches,Black
  • Price:$$
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Long Battery Life Long Battery Life Logitech G603
  • Features:Next-gen HERO optical sensor for unrivaled performance and power efficiency delivering 500 hours of non-stop gaming. AA batteries required
  • Price:$$
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Less Muscular Strain Less Muscular Strain Logitech MX Vertical
  • Features:Advanced Ergonomic Design Reduces Muscle Strain, Control and Move Content Between 3 Windows and Apple Computers (Bluetooth or USB), Rechargeable, Graphite
  • Price:$$
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Best Price Mouse Best Price Mouse A4Tech Bloody Warrior RT7
  • Features:A4Tech Bloody Gaming TL70 Terminator DPI 100-8200 AVAGO 9800
  • Price:$$
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Comfortable Grip Comfortable Grip Logitech M720
  • Features:Pro mouse is designed to endure, with Buttons built to withstand up to 10 million clicks.
  • Price:$$
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Comfortable Grip Comfortable Grip Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse
  • Features:Advanced ergonomic design with thumb scoop encourages natural hand and wrist postures.
  • Price:$$
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Affordable Price Affordable Price ASUS WT425
  • Features:Quiet keys, Build quality, Cost-effectiveness
  • Price:$$
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10 Best wireless Mouse for Laptops

Now you know very well that what brand should you buy and what are the specifications that you need in the mouse.  Here are the 10 best wireless mouse for laptop.

1. Logitech M330 Silent Plus wireless mouse

Logitech M330 Silent Plus is a wireless mouse that uses advanced optical technology with Logitech’s mid-range price segment; mouse resolution reaches 1000 dpi for high sensitivity and accuracy in every operation, the mouse has a 3-button design and convenient on/off button.

Logitech M330 Silent Plus a wireless mouse

M331 mouse uses Quiet Mark technology to limit the noise that affects the user when operating, luxurious mouse design, rounded contours according to the user’s palm to create comfort when having to work continuously during the time.

The mouse is made of a suitable material for high durability, extended battery life with an energy-saving optical sensor. Wireless mouse has 3-year warranty. The Logitech M331 Silent Plus is the cheapest wireless mouse model available today.

  • High sensitivity, accurate operation.
  • Ergonomic design, prolonged use without fatigue.
  • Power saving and long battery life.
  • Cheap build quality but value for money.

2. Apple Magic Mouse 2

Apple magic mouse 2

Wireless Mouse Apple Magic Mouse 2 MLA02ZA / A is considered a wireless mouse product with the most beautiful and luxurious design today. Basically, this device possesses a design similar to the elder Apple, but thinner and lighter.

The bottom of the mouse is added with a Lightning port, so it is very convenient when you can both use and charge the mouse. With wireless Bluetooth connectivity compatible with mac OS machines, you won’t have to worry about getting tangled up while you’re working.

According to Apple, the battery capacity can only be used for one month, and if plugged in for 2 minutes, it can handle 9 hours. The battery life of Apple Magic Mouse 2 is not impressive if compared to some high-end products from Microsoft or Logitech, some models have a battery life of up to 2 years.

  • Very slim and sleek
  • Premium build quality
  • Rechargeable
  • A little bit expensive

3. Logitech MX Master 2S

Logitech MX Master 2s

Logitech MX Master 2S Wireless Mouse USB mouse is equipped with Logitech Flow technology, so it can help you move the mouse across all 3 computer screens at the same time, even copy text, images, files. From one computer to another easily.

The product uses a rechargeable battery and guarantees a day of use with only 3 minutes of charging. With 1 full charge, you can use up to 70 days, and the interesting point is that you can fully use and plugin a mouse too!

With many modern technologies such as Dark field tracking technology with high accuracy along with a resolution of up to 4000 DPI, you can use this mouse device almost on any plane, very convenient.

  • Premium build.
  • Superb ergonomics.
  • Adjustable CPI.
  • Compatible with both Windows and Mac OS.
  • The large resolution, high processing speed for superior sensitivity.
  • Optimize work efficiency thanks to new design and technology.
  • Use rechargeable batteries without worry about replacing expensive batteries.
  • Many convenient operation keys.
  • More significant in size and heavy too.
  • Not for smaller hands because of the size.

4. Logitech G304 wireless gaming mouse

Logitech G304 wireless gaming mouse

Wireless gaming mouse – G304 12000 dpi specially designed for gamers, the premium mouse from Logitech brand with new optical technology.

Up to 1200 dpi resolution for fast information processing speed, high mouse sensitivity, the accurate movement for perfect maneuvers, outstanding specifications with 1ms response speed, maximum processing speed Multi 400 ips for high efficiency when playing games.

Design of the mouse has six convenient function keys; management software helps customize six buttons for high operation efficiency, complex actions, mouse integrated Sensor Hero for useful sensor and power saving, Lights when the battery life drops below 15%.

Compact design, ultra-light for faster operation, hugging style is quite comfortable for users when used for many hours in a row, and the device is small, easy to store with integrated slot for head storage lozenges. This Wireless mouse comes with a 3-year warranty.

  • High sensitivity, precision in every operation.
  • Smooth operation with six keys, shorten the operation time.
  • Lightweight, comfortable to use.
  • High strength, battery saving.
  • Great product prices.

5. Xiaomi Portable Bluetooth Mouse 1200 DPI

Xiaomi Portable Bluetooth Mouse 1200 DPI

Xiaomi Mi Portable Mouse Wireless mouse has beautiful design and elegance supports both wireless connectivity Bluetooth and 2.4GHz Wireless so you can easily connect to 2 computers via the switch below.

The product has a 1200DPI resolution, lightweight, and compatibility with most operating systems, including Windows, mac OS, Linux, or Android, so make sure the wireless mouse product you can consider buying.

  • Nice design.
  • Easy to use.
  • Two connectivity options.
  • Design can be uncomfortable for some users.

6. Logitech G Pro Hero

Logitech G Pro Hero

Logitech has more challenging competitors in the gaming market than in other areas, but that doesn’t mean Logitech’s name doesn’t stand out in this respect. G Pro Hero is my favorite gaming options for a good cause. The mouse has 1ms latency for the wireless connection, 16,000 DPI optical sensor, and hunting speed up to 400 inches per second, fit for high-speed gaming.

But even with all that technology, the Logitech G Pro Hero weighs less than 100g, making it comfortable to use for all sizes of hands, but not so tiny that it’s easy to lose control. The ergonomic form of the mouse makes it very comfortable during long-term gaming tests. Still, due to adjustments to the overall way of the mouse, dirt quickly grows over time.

In case you don’t like anything about the mapping button of the mouse, you can always change the settings using the full support for Logitech programming software. The instructions are as expected. You can also customize the polling speed and RGB light of the G-Pro logo; then, you can save it all to the memory on the mouse for later usage.

  • Excellent for gaming.
  • Minimal design.
  • Very comfortable for more prolonged use.
  • Premium build quality.
  • A little bit expensive

7. Microsoft Surface Mobile Mouse for Laptop

Microsoft best wireless mouse for Laptop

Although targeted to Surface devices that require more functionality than what the regular touchpad gives, the Microsoft Surface Mouse is a wireless mouse by relative abilities on any other system. You choose. This product is beautiful, sleek, handy, and, most importantly, lasts up to 1 year with just a pair of AAA.

Despite being a Microsoft commodity, the Surface Mouse is still compatible with mac OS and Android, as well as Windows 10 and 8.1 OS. This mouse uses Microsoft’s “BlueTrack” technology for low power Bluetooth connections.

The switches and scroll wheel on mice are suitable for thousands of hours of use and a large number of actions. The mouse has a one year warranty so that you will be insured if you encounter any difficulties. There are not many extra features on this model, but the minimalist layout is the score of Microsoft Surface Mouse!

  • Design liked by a considerable number of users.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Simply awesome.
  • Cheap yet gives a premium feel to use.
  • Not yet recorded.

8. Logitech G903

With the ambition to dominate the high-end gaming mouse line and affirm the rise of wireless mouse technology, Logitech has launched the improved Logitech G903 mouse from the already good G900.

The appearance of the Logitech G903 wireless mouse has a compact design that is suitable for both left and right-handed people; the feeling of handling is extremely flexible and comfortable. Uniquely, the product is also equipped with a smooth rubber grip so it can be easily controlled during operation.

G903 mouse is equipped with advanced optical sensor PMW3366 with DPI from 200 to 12000, maximum acceleration of 40G, adjustable to 0, and maximum tracking speed of 400 IPS, thereby helping users to manipulate quickly and very precisely.

Besides, the Light speed connection technology also reaches up to 1000Hz, meaning that the signal latency is only 1 ms 8 times higher than that of the standard mouse, the ability to handle exceptionally smoothly, and quickly helps gamers be able to win a lot. The game requires high speed and precision.

Logitech G903

Next to the G903 is also equipped with energy-saving technology, which allows you to use continuously for 32 hours on a full charge. On the mouse, there are 3 LEDs used to indicate the DPI and Battery level, and you can monitor to estimate the battery level or open Logitech Gaming Software to know the remaining percentage.

Wireless mouse G903 system buttons are quite complicated and meticulously finished. Thanks to the integrated cable tension system and metal shaft hinge, the click experience is precise and responsive. Also, this system helps ensure a low, consistent, and predictable click force.

The lighting system of G903 can be set according to your preference and usage. You can use it directly or configured with Logitech Gaming Software to adjust it yourself, choosing a palette of approximately 16.8 million colors and appropriate lighting levels.

Another difference of Logitech G903 wireless mouse is that it also provides an additional 10g dumbbell to customize the weight according to the habit of use. Plus, with Power Play charging technology, you’ll never have to worry about running out of battery again.

  • Exceptional design.
  • Lightning-fast speed.
  • Easy to use.
  • Premium quality builds material.
  • A little bit expensive.

9. Asus ROG Gladius II

One of Asus ROG’s newest gaming gear products that many gamers love is the Asus ROG Gladius II Wireless mouse. Being in the most advanced computer mouse segment for gamers, you definitely cannot ignore it.

In terms of design, the Gladius II Wireless is quite large, for right-handed people, suitable for today’s common mouse grip styles from Claw to Fingertip. The shell is made of thick plastic, the back is moderately curved and spread down so it can be held very firmly and comfortably.

Asus ROG Gladius II

The weight of the mouse is about 130g due to the built-in battery, although a little bit heavier than the previous version, it provides a better result. The buttons are symmetrically designed and deeply concave to fit your fingers. The mouse has seven buttons, including two left and right buttons, 1 DPI adjustment button, one scroll wheel, two back, and forward buttons, and a Sniper button for FPS followers.

Sensor technology on the Gladius II Wireless has also been upgraded from 100 to 16,000, much higher than the previous version, maximum acceleration of 50g, and maximum speed of 400 IPS, allowing players to pan the mouse on the resolution screen. High resolution (4K or higher) with shorter panning distance.

2.4GHZ band wireless connectivity will ensure stability and broader coverage, and the standard Bluetooth connection will help connect to older mobile devices. Still, if using Bluetooth, there will be certain lag and sometimes cause discomfort when playing games.

Asus ROG Gladius II Wireless can be charged using a micro USB cable or charged simultaneously, so it is quite convenient. Gladius II is considered to be a real good mouse and affordable price for those who want to own it.

  • RGB lights for a gaming experience.
  • High response rate.
  • Good quality.
  • Best for gaming.
  • Old design.

10. Logitech G603

Logitech G603 is one of Logitech’s impressive wireless mouse products that offers a reasonably affordable price while meeting most of the practical requirements and performance that a gamer needs.

The design of this mouse is quite compact; the curve is tilted to the right, suitable for both Palm and Claw grip styles, creating maximum comfort for right-handed users. You can customize the weight of the G603 to fit the grip by using 1 or 2 batteries without worrying about compromising performance.

Logitech G603

Revolutionary HERO optical sensor technology enhances performance by up to 10x, superior performance, and stability across the DPI range, rounding pixels from 200 to 12,000 DPI.

In addition to the light speed wireless technology, G603 has a breakneck 1ms alarming speed, and the mouse response is fantastic. Reliability for competition-level performance with 1ms responsiveness.

Users can switch modes to extend battery life. While playing, you can leave HI mode to high performance, 1ms response time, and can play continuously for up to 500 hours. When not playing games, just switch to LO mode to extend the usage time up to 18 months with only 2 AA batteries.

Logitech G603 easily connects to multiple devices, switching between two devices at the same time with the click of a button. The integration of internal memory to store user settings is also a particular highlight of this mouse line.

  • Light speed response.
  • Ideal for gaming because of a reasonable response rate.
  • Very long battery life.
  • Ordinary design.

11. Logitech MX Vertical

Logitech MX Vertical

If you consume a lot of time working with Laptop and are looking to minimize long-term consequences like carpal tunnel syndrome, a lightweight mouse is the best option.

MX Vertical’s design stands on a level compared to any competitor with a cloud-like shape that is sculpted, perfect, and fit for the user’s hand. This design reduces pressure on the sides, potentially decreasing fatigue and the risk of acquiring carpal tunnel syndrome.

The freakish design of this mouse will take some time to get used to, but once accommodated, the MX Vertical will be one of the most spontaneous and comfortable mice you’ll ever use. The mouse’s natural wrist positioning makes you place your hand in a more comfortable position to ensure long-term wrist fitness. All this in a beautiful device that sits neatly on a table.

  • Unique design.
  • Designed for less muscular strain- and it works.
  • Premium quality build.
  • Responsive speed.
  • Not that easy to get used to the new design.

12. A4Tech Bloody Warrior RT7

A4Tech Bloody Warrior RT7


The chopped forms traditional for gaming mice here do not turn into the nonsense of the cubist artist, which is often the case with top mice of the RAT9 type, which is more likely to be called a plus. The number of reassign able buttons, again, will not suit unless the fans “hang” on an unfortunate manipulator with a dozen complex macros. And at the same time, the mouse came out quite inexpensive and had a susceptible sensor (up to 4000 dpi).

Power – from the built-in battery, which is recharged via micro USB. Its capacity is relatively small, but the usability is almost unaffected by the convenience of use, unlike mice with a charging stand. A compact radio module was used to communicate with the computer, and the owners of the system engineers tucked away far below the table, will immediately appreciate the presence of an extension cord in the kit that allows you to make the dongle higher.

Additional “goodies” are optical switches with a resource of 20 million clicks instead of traditional contact “Microtel”, the ability to quickly call up one of the four preset settings with the buttons on top (you can instantly change the sensitivity and purpose of the keys). In general, the wireless mouse deserves its place in the ranking of the best wireless gaming mice, and it justifies its price.

  • Acceptable price
  • Quickly switch presets
  • Small capacity internal battery

13. Logitech M720

Logitech M720

This mouse is a real versatile: it can work with a complete radio module, and via the Bluetooth Smart protocol, so you can safely pick it up from home with your Laptop without switching the USB dongle back and forth. The mouse has a memory for three devices with which it will work, the switch for choosing the right one is located right under the thumb – having a smart TV at home, you can quickly switch between it, a computer and a laptop if necessary. For convenience, the selection button has a built-in indicator of the selected device. When a dongle is turned on, the mouse automatically switches to working with it.

The layout of the mouse is traditional, conditionally symmetric (scroll keys under the right-hander). Its humpback shape with a small length is very convenient, and the rubberized coating makes it very bumpy (though you should not take it with dirty hands). The wheel can be tilted left and right, giving additional control functions.

Power source – one AA battery, which, according to the manufacturer, may last for a whole year

  • Easy switching between different devices
  • Comfortable grip
  • Easily soiled
  • Fixed sensitivity (1000 dpi)

14. Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse

Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse

Microsoft’s Optical Sculpt Ergonomic Mouse L6V-00005 LED manipulator is designed to remove the extra stress from your wrist, making your computer work more comfortable. The improved shape of the mouse eliminates the appearance of micro trauma of the hand and pain after a busy day.

The mouse has two principal keys, a smooth scroll wheel, and a convenient blue touch button to switch focus to the initial screen. The sensitivity of 1000 dpi is enough for working with office applications and the Internet. Two standard batteries power the device for up to 6 months.

  • Significantly facilitates computer work
  • Dynamic quickly wakes up from standby
  • The hand easily gets used to the shape of the mouse
  • Attractive glossy body
  • Big palm advantage created
  • The pretty loud button click sound
  • Easily soiled.

15. ASUS WT425


Providing traditional already additional functionality (switching sensitivity 1000/1600 dpi, side scroll keys), this budget wireless mouse has a pleasant build quality, quiet micro switches under the keys, and a good economy (power source – one AAA battery, a discharge indicator is provided). Connecting to a computer or Laptop – using a miniature USB transceiver, which can be hidden inside the battery compartment when carrying.

Of the minuses of the mouse, we note the asymmetry of the body and the position of the sensor – the first will immediately delete left-handed people from the list of buyers (alas, most models with several buttons more than two in this, the second will take some getting used to. Gamers will not like the low sensor polling frequency – during sudden movements, positioning failures are possible (the controller does not determine the offset with a significant difference in successive frames). Still, during regular operation, there will be no problems.

  • Quiet keys
  • Build quality
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Specific ergonomics (worth trying on your hand before buying)

Final Words

Here is some information you need to choose the best wireless mouse for a laptop.

The dimension of the mouse

First of all, choosing the best wireless mouse, you need to estimate the size of the mouse, for instance, for those who use small machines, it is recommended to use little mice.

razor mouse dimension

 In opposition to those with big hands, then choose the more significant sized products that fit your hand.

Battery Size

The peculiar thing with wired mice is that wireless mice use their batteries, so picking a mouse with a high battery capability will help you use it for a more extended time.

wireless mouse with battery

Usually, the wireless mouse can now be used for up to one or even a few months.

A wireless stream or Bluetooth

Now, on the market, there are two types of mouse, one is a mouse using two streams, the mouse is using Bluetooth with several advantages and Cons.

wireless bluetooth mouse for laptop

Regarding the response speed, the wireless mouse gives a better signal, but if you lose the wave front, you cannot use it anymore.

Price of the product

Finally, the cost of the product if the budget set your budget objectives and search for products at a moderate level but still ensure the desired features.

Wireless mouse connection type

Wireless mice currently have three common types of connectors, with different characteristics and usages:

  • RF connection type – The radio wave technology needs to plug the connector into the computer, the technology that was born early. It is the most used today, for high sensitivity and stability in a wide range of uses.
  • Bluetooth connection type – Technology integrated on many computer devices, smart TVs users will not need the receiver with the built-in or used computers, as usual, stable connection, no worries preserving the receiver, but at a higher cost.
  • RFID Connection Type – a technology that uses the power transmission line of the mouse and the receiver of A4Tech are not commonly used because the mouse can only be used on a dedicated mouse table.

Resolution of mouse

This is an essential parameter that users need to consider when choosing a wireless mouse, the sensitivity and resolution of images captured from the move will determine the accuracy of the wireless mouse for manipulation, The average sensitivity from 1000 dpi is stable and for the most accurate operations.

So, this is the list of best wireless mouse for laptop. You can choose any of the above after critical thinking.

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