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Boost Internet Speed on Your iPhone or iPad

10 Hacks to Boost Internet Speed on Your iPhone or iPad

Nobody likes slow internet, and imagine having a slow internet on a $1000+ iPhone. Therefore, we have explained 10 hacks to boost internet speed on your iPhone or iPad.
TechSaaz - how to delete your snapchat account

How to Delete your Snapchat Account in 2023

Does social media like Snapchat, distracts you? There can be other very solid reasons that can urge you to delete your Snapchat account. And the process to delete your...

Enhancing Barcode Printing with Zebra Ribbons: A Comprehensive Overview

 In the fast-paced world of modern business, efficient and accurate labeling and barcoding play a pivotal role in streamlining operations and ensuring optimal supply chain management. One of the...
TechSaaz - how to hack wifi on iPhone

6 Cool Ways to Hack WiFi Password on Any iPhone in 2023

Hacking WiFi password from your PC or laptop is pretty straightforward, and almost anyone can do that.Hack WiFi Password on Any iPhone But what if you...
TechSaaz - how to lock cell in excel

How to 2 Lock Cells in Excel and Protect Worksheet

Nobody wants anyone to make any change in their excel sheets intentionally or by acciden. Lock Cells in Excel and Protect Worksheet If you are a...
battery charging tips for android phones

Top 10 Battery Saving Tips for Android Smartphones

Android Phones comes with either lithium-ion or lithium polymer batteries, and they can be packed with a lot of power. But unfortunately, due to the fancy hardware of modern...
how to use whatsapp on laptop

How to Install and Use WhatsApp on Laptop and PC

Sometimes we need to share documents/data urgently with our friends or colleagues from our laptop, so what you usually do in such a situation? In my opinion, Using WhatsApp...
How to Connect AirPods to Mac

How to Connect AirPods to MacBook, Air or Pro

With every flagship hitting the market, the conventional headphones and headphone jack are getting antiquated, and this is the reason AirPods are getting into the trend. How to Connect...
how to close apps on android

How to Close Apps on Android Smartphones

Multitasking is an excellent innovation in smartphones in which you can switch between one app to the other in no time, without restarting that app.How to Close Apps on...
how to start streaming on twitch

Beginner’s Guide to Start Streaming on Twitch in 2023

The streaming trend is for real now. People really love to enjoy gaming streams and the most popular platform for this Twitch and the best part is that anyone...



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