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TechSaaz - how to factory reset a laptop

How to Factory Reset Your Laptop for Windows 10, 8 or 7

If you want to factory reset your laptop, then you must have some reasons. Maybe your computer is slower, attacked by some malware or your Windows got corrupt. Most...
how to record phone call on android

How to Record a phone calls on Android in 2020

There was a time when almost all the Android phone had call recording as an inbuilt feature to record phone calls on android smartphone. But nowadays,...
TechSaaz - how to take a screenshot on android

How to take a Screenshot on Any Android Smartphone

Although all the smartphone manufacturing companies have the same Android OS, the method for taking a screenshot is different for every smartphone because of their customized UI. Moreover, the method of...
how to take a screenshot on a laptop

How to Take a Screenshot on a Windows Laptop and MacBook

Taking a screenshot on the smartphone is pretty straightforward, but do you know how to take a screenshot on Windows laptop or MacBook? Is your PrtSc...
How to Speed Up Windows 10 Boot on Laptop

The Ultimate Guide on How to Speed Up Windows 10 Boot

Don't have an SSD or a huge RAM? Still, want to speed up Windows 10 boot? Don't worry; we got your back. Here...
how to create wordpress website

The Ultimate Guide to create a WordPress Website in 2020

Do you think creating a WordPress website is confusing or only a techy person can do it? Actually, It is not. Making a WordPress website is...
TechSaaz - how to hack a wifi password on android

4 Ways to Hack a WiFi Password on Android in 2020 [No Root]

Yes, you can hack a WiFi Password on your Android. But it is not that easy. Time has been changed, once there was an era when...
how much is amazon prime

How much is Amazon Prime? Amazon Prime Membership Plans

With just $119 you can get access to Amazon top-notch services like Amazon Prime, Amazon prime video and free shipping for the whole year. On top...
how to set up google home mini

How to Set Up Google Home, Mini and Max: Complete Guide

Do you love the ads of Google home mini, hub up, or assistants like that? Do that ads fascinate you, how they control the whole house...
how to clip on twitch

Beginner’s Guide to Use Clips Feature on Twitch

Watching live streams of your favourite games is fun, and if you want to capture great twitch moments then here is a brief guide on how to use clip...



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