How to Delete Photos from iPhone: Free Up Space on iPhone

how to delete photos from iphone

You might be familiar that the iPhone has a limited storage space and the size of photos is getting bigger due to high-quality cameras. Is your iPhone filled-up with unnecessary pictures that you might have taken in the past?

Are you facing an annoying popup ‘Cannot take photos’ on your iPhone? It is because photos occupy a large space in your mobile and can slow it down. How to Delete Photos from iPhone.

These photos may include pictures taken at New-year night, Halloween or any place that you visited on holidays. Those excessive pictures will create trouble for you if not deleted timely. Don’t worry, you can easily delete these photos and boost your iPhone speed. Just follow the guidelines given below:

How to delete photos from iPhone easily?

  1. Open photos App
  2. Tap Albums
  3. Tap All Photos
  4. Tap Select
  5. Select photos to delete by dragging
  6. Trash them by tapping trash can icon

So, here is an elaborate process. As all your photos are available in the ‘photos app’ you are required to first open this app. The second step is to tap the ‘Albums’ option and then tap ‘All photos’ so that all the photos are visible to you. Once your photos are visible to you, you can drag to find the photos which you would like to delete.

The next step is to tap ‘select’ so that you could select the images that you want to delete. You can delete individual pictures as well as pictures in bulk by selecting them. Just drag your finger to highlight pictures to delete in bulk.

how to delete photos from iphone

The final step is to hit the ‘trash icon’. As soon as you hit the icon, you will be prompted to either cancel it or delete it. If you click on delete, these selected photos will move into the trash.

The point to be noted here is that these deleted photos are still available in the trash and you can either delete them permanently or recover them if you want. If you want to delete them permanently, go to ‘Albums’ and scroll to find ‘Recently Deleted’.

You should choose ‘select’ to delete them permanently and free-up space on your iPhone. Your iPhone speed will also increase after deleting. You should be 100% sure before deleting as once you deleted from trash, you will not be able to recover them.

how to delete photos from iphone

Using a Mac to delete photos from iPhone

Apart from iPhone, you can also use your Mac to delete photos from your iPhone. The detailed procedure is given below,

Pre-requisites for it are:

  • iPhone 
  • photos app
  • Mac
  • Internet Connection

You can easily delete all the photos from your iPhone, it doesn’t matter which iPhone you have. It may be iPhone 7 or X or maybe any old model. You can easily do it by using a photos app in your Mac. If you don’t see it you can type it in your spotlight search i.e. just type ‘photos’

Simply double-click it to open the folder. will be open. Ensure that your iPhone should be connected to your Mac to delete all the photos. Once your pictures will be loaded you can select it one by one or you can delete all of them at once. Just scroll down from top to bottom and all the pictures will be selected.

Once all the pictures are selected then you will only press the command ‘delete’ and they will be deleted. However, photos will go into the recycle bin/trash and there is a possibility to recover them.

If you want to permanently delete them then you have to go into the trash and just empty the trash so that everything will be permanently deleted. The time taken by the pictures to delete depends upon the resolution of your photos. 

I am unable to delete photos from my iPhone so, what should I do?

Sometimes you will face this issue and the reason behind this issue is that Photos synced from your computer via iTunes and not taken with your personal iPhone.You merely need to do the following to fix this problem a re-sync process. 

  1. First step is to connect your computer to the iPhone 
  2. Click on your device in iTunes
  3. Go to the photos tab 
  4. Here you are required to choose ‘Selected albums’ and deselect the albums or individual photos that you want to delete.

This trick will solve your issue.


How to delete photos from the iCloud storage library alongside iPhone?

If you are using iCloud and your iPhone is connected to iCloud then as soon as you remove pictures from your iPhone, they will automatically be removed from your iCloud storage library.

You don’t need to worry about it. Just follow the process that we have mentioned above and all your issues will be resolved.

I have accidentally deleted my photos from iPhone so how to recover them?

 If you accidentally deleted your photos from iPhone then there is plenty of time to change your mind and recover these photos. What you need to do is that A picture gets transferred when it is deleted from the camera roll. into the deleted album like a trash can.

These photos stay there for almost 30 days so you can recover the photos from trash can within 30 days and can see them again.

How can I delete photo albums on iPhone?

There are three types of albums in your iPhone, the first one is created by the system and it includes screenshots, panorama, selfies, etc. The second kind of albums are created by third-party apps like Snap chat, Instagram, etc. and the last one is albums created by you.

It’s easy to delete any photo album only by deleting all of its content. For example, if you delete all of the screenshots then the screenshot album will also be deleted and you will no longer see the screenshots album.

For this purpose follow the steps below:

  1. Open the albums
  2. Tap edit in the upper right corner
  3. Here you can see a red circle next to every deletable album
  4. Click on the circle and confirm the action to delete

Note that by only deleting the album, all the content and photos would still be available in your iPhone & only the album would be deleted.


The process to delete photos from your iPhone is quite easy. You just need to follow the given process step by step. If you still have any questions, kindly We will address any of your questions if you leave a remark below.

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