3 Tips to Reset any Disabled or Locked Reset iPhone without Password

How to reset iPhone without password

In today’s world, mobile security and passwords are essential for protecting your data and information. But, if you forget your passcode, you would find it incredibly challenging to get back into the iPhone locked or to reset the factory settings. Don’t be afraid; we can surely help you. Reset iPhone without Password

In this article, we’ll show you how to reset your iPhone or iPad factory without a password. The methods include using iTunes, iCloud and Recovery mode. Moreover, after a factory reset by using any one of the ways, you’ll know the best approach to recovering data on the iPhone for yourself and also for your family or friends.

Why reset iPhone without password?

Despite the massive impact on your data or computer, it is sometimes unavoidable to do a factory reset on your iPhone or iPad. Here we describe why a factory reset is necessary: 

  • You purchased an online used iPhone, and it is protected with a password.
  • Before selling or giving it away, you need to delete all existing data on the iPhone.
  • You have forgotten your iPhone passcode, but you need to unlock your phone to do something urgently.
How to reset iPhone without password
  • To troubleshoot any software problems on your iPhone, you want to perform a factory reset.
  • Your iPhone or iPad is unresponsive or disabled and then need a factory restore.

These are some of the common scenarios you would like to do a factory reset. Take it easy, read on and find three practical ways to reset your iPhone or iPad without a password if you forgot the correct password.

Method 1 – Using iCloud to factory Reset your Locked iPhone / iPad : 

Another way for resetting iPhone / iPad without a passcode is by factory resetting it via iCloud. Find My iPhone must be allowed on the iPhone to use this method, though. However, it will only work for networked devices.

  • First of all, Visit icloud.com find on your computer and then sign in with your Apple ID and password.
  • Click at the top location of the window on “All Devices,” and select the iPhone or iPad that you want to reset.
How to reset iPhone without password
  • Tap on your device and pick “Erase iPhone” to reset the device entirely and to delete the password.

Method 2: Factory Reset Locked iPhone / iPad with iTunes 

If you’ve already synced your iPhone or iPad with iTunes, you can restore the device and its password using iTunes. Follow the steps below to reset your locked iPhone / iPad with iTunes: 

  • Use a USB cable to connect your iPad or iPhone to the device you have previously synced to.
How to reset iPhone without password
  • Enable iTunes, and the device will be detected automatically.
  • Wait for iTunes to sync, and automatically create a backup for you. If it doesn’t, synchronise your computer manually and make a backup.
  • Tap the computer icon next, and go to the Summary page. Click the “Restore iPhone” button.
  • Confirm the action by clicking on restore and wait to complete the restore process.
  • Now you can access your iPhone without passcode and restore it with the recently created backup.

Method 3- Using Recovery Mode to Factory Reset Locked iPhone / iPad 

If both iTunes and iCloud failed to help you reset your iPhone factory without a password, there’s another way you can try. You may restore your iPhone after putting it in recovery mode. 

1st Step: Connect the locked iPhone to your device via USB cable, and then activate iTunes.

2nd Step: Switch off the iPhone when paired, and boot it to Recovery mode.

For iPhone 8 and later: You should press and release the button Volume Up, and then the button Down quickly. Then you should press and hold down the Side button until the screen for recover mode appears to you.

iOS 7 and iOS 7 Plus: when the recovery mode screen appears, simultaneously press and hold the top, side, and Volume Down buttons.

With iPhone 6s and older: Press and hold the side or top button and home buttons together until the phone in recovery mode appears.

3rd Step: Choose “Restore” from the two options that appear in iTunes (Update / Restore). This will cause iTunes to update your iPhone with the necessary software automatically.

Final step: Wait for a phone to inform you that the reset has been completed. Set up your iPhone as a new device, after that.

Recover iPhone data after the factory reset

Bonus Tip – How to Restore iPhone or iPad Data after a Factory Reset:

Is it really possible to retrieve data after a factory reset on the iPhone? The answer is yes. Whether you have a backup or not, Gihosoft Free iPhone Data Recovery will help you recover data from your iPhone.

It can search and retrieve data directly from iPhone / iPad, or extract and restore data from iTunes / iCloud backup. You can get deleted text messages / iMessages, photos, notes, addresses, images, WhatsApp and more data back. It is totally compatible with all devices of iOS, including the new iOS 13 and iPhone 11/11 Pro versions.

Here is the detailed method:

This recovery software is free and available for both Mac and Windows, including the new Catalina 10.15 macOS. Download the correct version and install it on your computer, then follow these simple steps: 

Start the program on your computer and pick the files you want to restore in the primary window, then click “Next” to continue.

Attach your iPhone / iPad to your device, and wait to be identified by the software. Then click on “Next” to start searching for missing system info.

 When the scanning is complete, preview the files you want to recover and pick them, then click on “Recover” so that you can save the data to your computer.


 As you can see, resetting the iPhone without a password isn’t impossible. Hope these techniques can help you reset your iPhone or iPad with ease, even if it’s locked. We recommend you periodically backup your iPhone / iPad data using either iCloud or iTunes to prevent data loss issues.

If in any case, there is no backup available, you can then try Gihosoft Free iPhone Data Recovery for the recovery purposes. I hope that this article helps you resolve all your issues. If you have any further queries or advice, then write to us in the comment section under this article, and we will surely try to help you accordingly.

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