how to choose between 2 jobs

Whenever you fall in such a situation in which you have to decide on how to choose between 2 jobs, probably the period to decide is pretty short, and the pressure is way too high.

It seems like your all struggle for searching the jobs and the battle for the best appearance in the interviews have finally paid off, and it’s time to reap the benefits.

how to choose between 2 jobs

In case you’re still trying to figure out the best career or job for yourself and didn’t find out anything to decide on then here is an article on How to Find a Job With LinkedIn in 2019.

But you have to be very careful about choosing a company because it is possible that the other job opportunity goes out of the hand if you come back after leaving a wrong position taken in haste.

Time is short- and the clock is ticking.

Calm down, take a deep breath.

Let’s try an old but potentially working method.

Take a pen and a paper and ask some questions by yourself. But before that, do you have all information about both jobs?

Gather all the Information About Both Jobs

After a successful interview, most of them ask what do you want to know about the offer?

And they really mean it, because every company wants that each employee should know the pros and cons of the jobs so that if they are not comfortable with any of that, they could possibly quiet before joining.

So it’s your responsibility to get all the information about the jobs if they haven’t already told you.

Now Ask These Questions by Yourself about How to Choose Between 2 Jobs

It may be time-consuming, but it is an essential step to take.How to Choose Between Two Jobs

● What is your priority? Some quick job perks or a reliable carrier?

Sit back and think, what your purpose was before applying for the job. Do you need an elegant salary for the same old work? Or do you want to enhance your skills by working for a brand new project?

Sometimes your purposes get more effective after knowing the perks and all other information about the companies.

You have your pen and a copy in your hand, Right!

Now compare both companies by writing the salary, perks, commutes, or the annual benefits like health insurance.

● What are your goals?

Pick the things you want while working for a company. The company that gets the most of the points is the winner.

But the result doesn’t end here. If you are searching for how to choose between two jobs, then you are most probably know this method of prioritizing the perks for the job. But why are you not taking the offer even it gives you all the benefits you want?

The answer is simple, conciseness may make the feeling of getting bribed by the company for the perks. 

The solution is not that difficult. After picking up the perks of your choice, dig deep into the information of the company, the value of the company, growth chances and environment Etc.

● Did you like the environment?

You have met several persons from the companies in the process of applying for a job to the interview. Which company has the environment that inspires you? For example, when you went for the interview in the company, you have chosen by the number of perks and handsome salary, you saw the boss talking to his employees with rage and anger. Can you work in that environment? Ask yourself.

Don’t hesitate to decide your Gut feelings. Gut feelings may not focus on the benefits, but it will focus on the work environment and your passion.

So do follow your gut feeling.

● Which company can give a boost to your carrier? Not the salary

Let’s say the company you have chosen a few minutes ago gives you all the benefits like insurance, apartment and an outstanding amount of salary that can fulfill your dream of living a stable life after a long time. 

But what if I tell you that the other company is offering a new skill set and an opportunity for getting advance in your carrier, but the salary is not that good with a smaller number of perks.

Let’s elaborate, a company offers proper car insurance, health insurance, and a free annual bonus, but the company is not that good for a future carrier and enhancing your skills. 

What would you choose? Write that on paper.How to Choose Between 2 Jobs

Now it will be easy for you to select the position you want to be in.

Ask Your Mentor or an Experienced Person

Getting two job offers can make you excite and anxious at the same time. So in this mental condition, you can take the wrong decision even after a hell lot of research. How to Choose Between Two Jobs

Get in touch with the person you trust that knows you very well. Ask him by telling him about the whole situation. Also, put your data and analysis in front of that person.


Be transparent with yourself and the person you are taking decision from. Remember, being open is the solution in this whole case.

Trust Your Decision

You have spent hours to choose between the two jobs, and the job you have just selected inspires you the most. Now it’s time to trust yourself. Can you?

Why not? The job you have just chosen has all the benefits, growth opportunities, and most importantly, it follows your passion, then why you will not trust yourself? How to Choose Between Two Jobs

There is no need to be distracted by the additional perk offered by the other company, you can ask for the same benefits from your new job after a few months of struggle. Remember, the goal is to get growing. What’s your goal? Tell us in comments.


Having two job opportunities at the same time is exciting, but choosing between the two jobs can be a difficult decision.

You are now in the power of taking a position while rejecting the other one. Although you have done your homework about both of the jobs and still after choosing the best one, taking a risk is essential. And after taking the risk, stand with your decision and do not regret because at least you have done all the things to choose the best one.

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