how to close apps on android

Multitasking is an excellent innovation in smartphones in which you can switch between one app to the other in no time, without restarting that app.How to Close Apps on Android

BUT, the necessary evil is that, apps keep on running in the background and uses your battery and RAM. Now if you have an Android phone with good RAM and a bigger battery, then you don’t need to close the background apps, and it is better not to close apps, here is why?

But if you have a phone with less RAM and a smaller battery, then you have to close the demanding apps more often to keep your Android phone smooth and running for the whole day.

Here is the step by step guide to close the apps manually in Android Smartphones.

How to Close Apps on Android

Table of Contents

Manually Close Apps (non-rooted users)

What do you want to do?

Close the apps or Force close the apps?

If you close the apps in android phone, the app processes may keep running in background and app may remain connected online.

If you force close the apps, then apps close entirely and are unable to use the internet.

Just Closing the New Apps on Android

If you just want to close the apps for the time being or want to stop them from using RAM, then this method is for you.

Step #1
Staying at the home screen of your phone, open recent apps. Most of the phones have a small square touch button in the dock section to open recent apps, and some phones like old models of Samsung have a physical button for that.

Update “After the Android 9.0 update, navigation dock can be hidden, so for that recent open app by the navigation you have selected.”

Step #2
Clear all the new apps.

For some phones, you have to swipe left to close the apps, and for the others, you have to swipe up to remove the apps.

Most of the phones have a bin sign under the apps open in the recent apps menu, tap that, and all the apps will be closed in a shot.

Force Closing the Apps on Android

If you want to close the apps entirely and don’t want to give them internet access, then you have to force close them.

How to Close Apps on Android

How to force close the apps?
This is pretty simple. Open your Android’s settings navigate to apps and select the app you want to force close, in the menu just tap the Force close button.


How to force close the battery draining apps?
For that, you have to find the apps that keep on running in the background and keep using your data and battery.

Go to Settings and then navigate to the battery and then the battery usage.

Here you will see the top apps using your phone’s battery and RAM with percentage.

how to close apps on android

Now select the apps you want to close and choose Force close.


What if the Apps Processes keep on Running?

To get in depth of the app’s behavior, you have to enable the Developer’s mode.

To enable developer mode, go to Settings and go to About Phone. Now tap the ‘Build number’ 7 times.

Now you are a developer. You will see ‘developer settings’ in system settings. Open that.

Here in the menu, select running processes.

A list of running processes will open.

Close all the unnecessary apps one by one.


How to Restrain Apps from Restarting?

If you are a Huawei user, then you are in luck.

In Settings > Battery > app launch, you get a fully controllable interference for apps.

Here you can manually control each app behavior by altering its permissions to get restarted. This gives a fantastic boost to the phone, and I personally love it.

But if you are another Android user, then don’t worry; there is a perfect solution for you.

Install Greenify App.

It works the same as App launch and gives you control over the apps to restrict them to restart. How to Close Apps on Android

Close the Apps (rooted phones) & How to Close Apps on Android

If you are a rooted Android user, then I guess you are very familiar with the power of customizations that you get by rooting your phone.

Note: We do not recommend to root your Android until unless you know what you are doing. As it Voids your phone’s warranty.

You have to use a third-party app to use your root powers.

For precisely the purpose of closing apps and to stop them from restarting, you can use Task killer (root) and many other apps similar to that.

But the recommended app is Greenify.

Greenify can also be used in the non-rooted phone, but for rooted users, it comes with a lot more customizations and tweaks, and you can even force close the system apps, including bolt wares.

#How to Force Close Apps on Android

Uninstall the Unnecessary Apps

Closing apps, again and again, can be a headache. So try to uninstall the apps you don’t use.

If you are a rooted user, you can even uninstall the system apps.

To safely uninstall Go to Settings > apps and here select the app you want to uninstall.

Now before uninstalling go to its storage in the same menu and clear the data and cache.

Now uninstall the app.

How to uninstall the system apps?
For that, you must have a rooted Android.

Install an app system app removal, and through this app, you can remove all system apps you don’t often use like Radio, stores, etc.

Why is Closing Apps not a Healthy Practice for your Phone?

To understand this first, you have to follow the concept of how the multitasking works.

Actually, when you open multiple apps at the same time and minimize them, they keep on running as the cache stores in the RAM for that specific app and gives you a faster experience of switching between apps.

But when you close the app, the cache got cleared, and for the next time, it takes some time and more power to restart the app. How to Close Apps on Android

So closing an app, again and again, is harmful to your battery. Don’t worry for every app running in the background as Android is designed to kill the most intensive apps automatically to adjust the RAM for new apps.


Closing an app in Android is pretty easy from the recent apps with just one tap and can improve things like battery life and smartphone operating speed. But if you want to close the apps permanently, then you can use the Force Close Method.

You can also control the restart behavior method of the apps by this simple setting. If you use any different methods to kill the apps in your android smartphones? Let us know in comments; we will update that in our article.

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