How to Download Music from YouTube on Android in 2023

how to download music from youtube on android

You can fall in love with a music video on YouTube of some random singer that is not available anywhere else rather than YouTube. So to download that video or to convert that video into MP3 is a real task for many. We will sort that out for you with multiple methods, including step by step guide on how to download music from YouTube on Android Smartphone.

Struggling to download music from YouTube on your Android device? Our unique solution makes it easier than ever before. Using the following methods, you can’t only download the music but also your favorite YouTube video in any resolution.

Unlike Android, downloading music on the iPhone is a little bit tricky, so if you’re an iPhone user then you can also read how to download YouTube music on iPhone.

There are several ways to download your desired video from YouTube on an android phone.

Table of Contents

1. Using Online Tool

We will recommend this method, as it is much secure and fast. Actually, you don’t have to download any third-party apps. Several websites provide online downloads for any video of YouTube; moreover, you can also change the resolution or can convert that into MP3 in the matter of some taps.

Here are some tested and safe online Tools for downloading YouTube music on your Android Smartphone that can be accessed in the stock music app.

●    YouTube2MP3

This is a light and fast online tool for downloading videos or audios from YouTube.

Here are the steps to follow.

  • Copy the URL of the video to convert or download.
  • Open
  • Now paste the URL in the box
Download Music from YouTube on Android
  • You get two option for downloading the media. MP3 and Mp4 only
  • If you have selected the MP3 version than it will take some time to convert the video.
  • After that, you will get the download link, and download will start.
  • The downloaded track may be played in the stock music app and can be found under Downloads.

●    Online Video Converter Tool

This is the most popular and immensely used tool for downloading music videos from YouTube.

It provides you with a lot of options and video and audio formats.

Note: You can not use this website with adblocker on.

Follow these steps to use this tool precisely.

Below that, you will find several options, choose the format according to your requirement.

  • After selecting the format, tap start.

Your download will start and if you have selected the audio version then after converting download will start and will be stored on your Android.

You can use that audio or video in any music app.

●    FLVTO Online Tool

This is also a great lens and useful tool for downloading videos and audios from YouTube securely.

To download using this tool.

Now you can find a couple of formats to choose from

  • Select your desired format and click convert to.
  • It will take some time to convert, after that your download will start automatically.

2. Using Third-Party Apps & Download Music from YouTube on Android

Research says a smartphone user use apps more than a browser for searching for information, that’s why for your ease we have found some handy apps that will download all the videos from YouTube, and you can also change the file format.

Here are some apps for you.

●    Videoder – YouTube Downloader

If you want to download any videos, convert them and all in blasting speed then Videoder is for you.

You can directly open YouTube in its custom browser, or you can copy paste the link of your required file.

It downloads the file in parts that increases the speed to many folds. For the first time, it may take a while to download as it downloads the necessary plugins after you download the first file.

You can also download any video from other websites like Facebook and Twitter.

It is not available on Playstore as it violates the TOS.

You can download it directly from

Some of the prominent features include:

  • Faster downloads
  • Multiple downloads
  • In-app converter
  • No ads
  • A huge number of formats
  • Supports almost every video and audio sharing website

●    TubeMate

It’s also a market leading app here. You can use it just by copy-pasting the link or by directly opening it in its custom browser.

But this app only supports YouTube, and also no conversion of video into other formats is supported. To download TubeMate from this link

One more drawback is that it has a lot of ads.

●    Droid YouTube Downloader

This also counts as one of the top apps in this niche.

You can download a video in many formats and also it has multiple downloads at a time feature. To download Droid YouTube Downloader click here.

This only supports YouTube and Twitter.

Also, don’t forget to get a couple of annoying ads in the app.

For that, you can download Ad Blocker to get rid of annoying Ads.


Downloading videos from YouTube is not illegal in a way, but if you use that content without the permission of the real owner, then that can be a problem for you.

You have to be very careful about that. But some videos are non-commercial, and you can use them anywhere else.


If you want to download music or videos from YouTube in your Android, then the above methods can quickly do it. Whether you can use an online tool or a third-party app, both options are pretty handy.

We will recommend you to use an online tool, as the third-party apps are not approved by google; hence, there is a risk factor involved. If you are fond of using an App then the best one in Videoder.

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