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Are you a fan of Television and use antenna to watch your favourite programs? Then you must have experienced the most common problem with the antenna TV that its signals fluctuate with time, and you can have the worst experience while watching your favourite TV shows.

There are multiple reasons for the signal drop for the antenna. Your house may be far from the coverage, or there is bad weather outside. Let’s now, get more information

Whatever the reason is, there are several solutions to this problem, and we have covered several methods that can boost TV antenna signals. But the best part of this guide is that you can make the antenna booster in Home. Most probably, you have all the things required in your store or cabinet.

Boost TV Antenna Signal

These are two homemade boosters that can boost your TV antenna signals.

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Using a Metal Hanger

This process is quick and works in most of the cases.

You need a metal hanger that is present in most of the houses. If you don’t have that, you can buy from Amazon.

It actually acts as an external antenna booster; what you have to do is to use speaker wire to extend the antenna. (Coaxial cable is better)

Attach the wire with an indoor antenna. And utilising a tape attach that wire to the Metal Hanger. Now take that hanger to some higher place and make it stable using the tape.

You will see a significant boost in signals. If this doesn’t work for you, go for the next one.

Using a Metal Bucket

You need

  • A Metal bucket
  • A towel

for it.

Do you have these two things in your home?

Okay good.

Now follow the steps carefully.

  • Place the bucket upside down.
  • You have to place the bucket on the bath towel.
  • Now take the small indoor antenna and place it on the top of upside down bucket.
  • Turn on the TV and tune in the desired channel, most probably it will start working in this stage.
  • If not, then step up to the next method, now rotate that antenna on the bucket clockwise sliding with its bottom borders.
  • Stop sliding when you get the signals.
  • Congratulations! Enjoy your homemade TV antenna booster.

If the above homemade boosters don’t work for you, then check out these hacks for guaranteed boosted signals.

First of all, Find the root cause for signal distortion.

Some of the possible reasons are

  • Overcast or stormy weather can be the reason for distorted signals, what happens actually is that, due to clouds or storms your antenna can rotate or didn’t receive proper signals.

Rain also makes the signals weak. But with a booster, you can enjoy the uninterrupted signals even in cloudy weather.

  • If you are not using an outdoor antenna, then due to lack of coverage, the signals become weak sometimes. The booster for the antenna is an outdoor device that captures most of the signals.
  • Your location may not fall under the coverage, for that you need to boost your TV antenna signals. The homemade booster can boost signals in this case.

If you are using an indoor antenna, possible problems for weak signals are the following home internals.

  • The notion of insulated wiring can also cause interference on your TV antenna signals.
  • Electrical appliances can also be the reason for interference in the signal.
  • Other Radio devices also use signals of different frequencies, and those can interrupt the TV antenna signals.

Brace yourself, because you will get all the solutions for the above problems in this guide.

● Antenna Placement

No doubt it is the most important thing to do when setting up an antenna.

The best place to fix an antenna is the roof, as more the height, more good will be the reception. If you have a single story house, try to place the antenna with a long rod or stick to a significant height.

And if you have a double story house, then you can also try to place it in the balcony.

It is not about the height always, directions also play an important role. Now to adjust the direction, we recommend that you buy an antenna rotator as the direction may change with time. To get the preferred route, you can use and understand that direction in your area; you can use a compass or app for the compass.

If you don’t like to adjust again and again, then you should have purchased a multi-directional antenna that can pick up the signals from multiple directions and it is observed that a multi-directional performs much better than others.

● Avoid Wireless Devices Nearby

Wireless devices like mouse, keyboard, and headphones are ubiquitous nowadays and are used in every house.

Wifi router can also cause a severe drop in the signal; this is because of air traffic of radio signals, they get interrupted by each other.

But do notice that when you use those devices near your antenna, you get an immediate reduction in signal. It is due to the interference between both radio signals.

Try using wired devices if your Antenna is quite near your computer where you are using your wireless mouse and headphones.

Boost TV Antenna Signal

But it is not always the case if you use an excellent coaxial cable; the more chances are that you will not get interrupted signals. To make sure that there is no air traffic interruption; try to turn off all the wireless devices when your TV antenna signals get distorted.

If signals get better, then there must be interference going on between these devices, if not then no need to worry, there must be another cause of this, keep reading to resolve.

And if there is the problem of interruption, try avoiding wireless devices.

Most of the people have reported that this method worked very well for them above all.

● Use Coaxial cable All in all & Boost TV Antenna Signal

Most of the antennas come with smaller coaxial cables, and for the placement of antenna to higher places most of the people join it with a non-coaxial cable to save money.

As most of the people do not know that coaxial cable provides the best protection against moisture, the electromagnetic waves and the radio waves interference.

Always use the coaxial cable all in all. You can buy the coaxial cable from Amazon.

#RG6 vs. RG11 – How Your Coaxial Cable Impacts TV Reception


This is an extensive guide to get the best TV antenna signals using the things present in your home for developing homemade boosters.

You can also learn the best methods to set an antenna for non-interrupted signals.

Please let us know in the comments which homemade TV antenna signal booster techniques do you follow?


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