12 Exciting Features You Can Use With the Apple Watch

features of apple watch

What can you do with an Apple watch?

Besides of having notifications and time on your Apple watch, you can do several cool things with your Apple Watch!12 Exciting Features You Can Use With the Apple Watch

Primary features include the connectivity with your iPhone, tracking your health and making calls using this app.

But do you know, you can do much more things than that with your New Apple watch.


It is the most advanced and power smartwatch for the time being.

Waiting no further, let’s jump into the possibilities to expand the horizons.

Enjoy the Music

12 Exciting Features You Can Use With the Apple Watch

Don’t have your iPhone nearby? Don’t worry. With the Apple watch on your hand, you can stream music while walking, jogging, or relaxing in your lawn.

You can stream music over the internet without the connectivity with your iPhone, for that you have to pay a monthly subscription fee.

But you can also play mp3 music, and for that, you have to sync it with your iPhone.

You can connect Apple AirPods with your Apple watch and can enjoy the music anywhere. You can also use any other Bluetooth headsets.

Connection AirPods with your Apple watch is quite easy. And if you are interested, you can read a full guide, how to connect AirPods with MacBook.

Play with Siri

12 Exciting Features You Can Use With the Apple Watch

No need to say “Hey Siri,” with the Apple watch you can enable Siri just by raising your wrist.

You can disable this feature anytime. But this is a pretty cool feature.

You can check notification, ask about anything and also can get updates about your heart beats and running distance.

Take an ECG

12 Exciting Features You Can Use With the Apple Watch

Unfortunately, this feature is currently not available on Apple watch 3, but it is available on your Apple watch 4.

Using this helpful feature, you can take ECG anytime, specially before visiting your doctor.

ECG is an electrocardiograph that actually tells you if you have Atrial fibrillation or not. Imagine saving a lot of money using this fantastic feature.

Eject Water Feature

12 Exciting Features You Can Use With the Apple Watch

Although the Apple watch is waterproof and you don’t have to worry about the water on your watch, but Apple watch comes with a cool feature of ejecting the suspended water droplets from speakers.

You can also set it to auto mode. But manually you can do that by going into Water control centre in the menu, tap droplet icon.

Only doing that will remove the suspended water droplets from your Apple watch.

Find your iPhone

I like this feature a lot, as I use this quite often.

No matter how much you are responsible or love your phone, you can still forget after placing it somewhere. In that case, the Apple watch on your wrist can help you out.

Go to Control Centre

Navigate towards Ping iPhone

Tap it.

It will ping your iPhone with a flash of LED.

Pay Using the Apple Watch

If you have forgotten your iPhone at home, and on a store, you want to pay the groceries bill, you can easily do that using your watch like never before.

You have to first setup Apple Pay on your iPhone using your Credit or debit card.

Once you have done that, no need to set Apple pay on your Apple watch.

Reply to Texts

How can we reply to texts without a keyboard?

This seems odd, but you can reply to text messages by voice typing.

Now when you have AirPods connected; you can reply to texts more precisely because of a good microphone.

Remember, this feature is for a quick and urgent response. You can hardly master the voice type for long chats with your friend.

But there is a scribble feature, using this feature you can write on the screen of your watch and your writing will be converted into words and can be sent to any person.

This feature is convenient, as many new users love it.

Walkie Talkie on your Wrist

This is also a unique feature from Apple. Sounds like an old, or outdated features, but still, it can be handy for having free calls.

Install the Walkie Talkie app and set it for a quick peer to peer call in no time.

You can not use this feature without the app.

Download it from the app store.

Unlock your MacBook

12 Exciting Features You Can Use With the Apple Watch

Typing the password, again and again, can be a real task. But if you have Apple watch on your wrist, you are in luck; the mac will open as soon as you wake it up, or turn it on.

Having to watch near it can do the security check for you and opens your Mac.

To use this feature, you must have to enable it from Mac.

Go to System and then under Security and Privacy section enable the unlock with Apple watch feature.

Get in Touch with your Car.

Apple watch has excellent compatibility with cars.

You can do pretty everything using your watch, including, opening the doors of your Car, find it in the parking area. Get notification about the inspection and general information about your car.

Using a third-party app, you can do a lot more related things and can connect with several old cars.

Remote for your TV & 12 Exciting Features You Can Use With the Apple Watch

12 Exciting Features You Can Use With the Apple Watch

Having control in hand is fantastic,

What about having control on your Wrist?

Yes, you got it right, you can use the Apple watch as you Apple Tv remote.

To use the Apple watch as a remote, install the Apple watch Tv app.

You can also use third-party apps for other TVs.

Get Directions

Do you travel a lot? Exploring new places can be a little bit delicate and pulling out your iPhone again and again while driving is also not a healthy practice.

But there is good news; you can get directions right on your wristwatch.

You can also give commands using Siri.

So have a safe drive and get directions more easily.

#APPLE WATCH Tips, Tricks, and Hidden Features most people don’t know


Having an Apple watch can be fun, but it also gives you some fantastic features that are much more advanced and luxurious than any other smartwatch out there.

Take a look at all the features and also let us know about your favourite feature.

If you are having any trouble using your Apple watch, please do let us know in the comment section.


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