The Ultimate Guide on How to Speed Up Windows 10 Boot

How to Speed Up Windows 10 Boot on Laptop

Don’t have an SSD or a huge RAM? Still, want to speed up Windows 10 boot?

Don’t worry; we got your back.

Here is the step by step guide for you on how to speed up Windows 10 boot on any machine, and it will also help you to future proof your Windows speed.

Windows 10 with latest 2019 updates is love. It provides you with a significant number of features that gives you a complete computer experience to help you giving a shape to your productivity.

Windows 10 is much faster than previous versions of Windows, but still, you can optimize it manually to get the desired and lightning fast experience.

1. Secret Built-in Settings to Speed Up Windows 10 boot

Let’s get started with the speeding up Windows boot.

Do you know there is a secret setting that you can apply to get the instant Speed Up Windows 10 Boot?

Yes, it is way more straightforward than you think. On the newly installed Windows, it should be already enabled by default, but if you have installed Windows update or have changed power settings, it may not be enabled, so follow the steps.

  • Go to the search bar and type power options.
Speed Up Windows 10 Boot
  • Now click Power & sleep settings.
Speed Up Windows 10 Boot
  • In the opened menu click Additional power settings on the right side menu of the screen.
Speed Up Windows 10 Boot
  • Now a new small window will open. Select Choose what the Power buttons do.
Speed Up Windows 10 Boot
  • In the next open window click Change settings that are currently unavailable.
Speed Up Windows 10 Boot
  • In the same window, a new option will appear. “Turn on fast startup” Check this box.
Speed Up Windows 10 Boot


Congratulations! Now your boot up speed will increase when you start your System for the next time.

There is also another hack to cut some more boot up time.

For that.

  • Search Control Panel and select it.
  • Go to System and then Advanced system settings Tab.
  • In the Startup and Recovery tab, click Settings.

On the top change the value from 30 seconds to 10 seconds.


What does it do to speed up boot time?

It refrains the Windows to show any animation or any CPU demanding app to run on the startup so it will dramatically speed up the Windows boot.

Already tried this and still the boot time taking ages?

Don’t worry, and there are still 4 more hacks that will work for you for sure.

 2. Disable Startup Programs

This is the most useful hack that worked for me on every machine running Windows 10.

When you install new programs, they get access to start on every boot and use a lot of resources if that specific software is demanding. And in result, you have to wait for ages to get the software started, and then your Windows boot very slow.

So let’s disable all such software and here is the exact procedure to how to do it.Speed Up Windows 10 Boot

  • Go to Task manager

You can open task manager just by right clicking on the bottom bar, and you can also search in the search bar for Task manager. Or simply press the Ctrl + Alt + Del Key at once and you will see options from where you can open the Task Manager.

  • Now in the new open window, select the Startup tab.
  • In this Tab, you will see all the apps and software that start on Windows boot.
  • Now you have to disable all the software that you don’t need on every boot-up, and for most of the times there is almost no software we need on startup, so disable all software there.
Speed Up Windows 10 Boot
  • Now right click on that and disable button.
  • You can also see the boot-up time on this window’s right corner (Last BIOS time)

After applying this hack, you will notice a magical time cut in the boot-up.Speed Up Windows 10 Boot

 3. Scan for Malware

Windows 10 is a complete package and comes with its malware protection software, that keeps the Windows clean. But sometimes when we transfer data or attach an external device, the virus gets installed in our machine without getting scanned.

So check for malware in your disk and data regularly.

To do that, follow these steps.

  • Go to the Windows security center.
  • Select Virus & threat protection.
Speed Up Windows 10 Boot
  • Select Full scan and then scan now.


 4. Use disk cleanup utility

Almost all the software of your daily use generates temporary files to do there processes faster, but after that, those files remain in the disk and makes the Windows laggy and increase the boot-up time.

You can clean those files by using Windows disk cleanup utility.

  • Search for the disk utility.
  • Select the disk and hit enter.


Now with the cleaned disk, you will notice a significant speed in boot up and also in the regular use of Windows.

5. High-Performance Mode

If you are on PC, or your laptop has a massive battery that lasts for many hours, or maybe you are not traveling much, then you can use this mode. This increase the Windows speed by many folds.

Warning: By enabling this setting, your laptop battery life may effect.

To enable this setting, Go to Power options, Then select the option‘ show additional plans.’

Here you will see a High-performance plan, Check it, and you are Done!

 6. Disable Tips and Notifications

Windows 10 has a beautiful and helpful feature that it gives you tips and notifications about the different thing that you can do on Windows, but as I guess you have experienced user, so you don’t need that feature.

You can disable that by going to Start then Settings select System > Notifications & actions and turn off Get tips, tricks and suggestions.Speed Up Windows 10 Boot

Speed Up Windows 10 Boot

7. Prefer Performance over Style

Windows 10 comes with a very fancy design, unlike old Windows. It comes with many animations and professional looks. But we are here for performance, so we will disable that all.

Here’s how.

  • Go to Advanced System Settings
  • Open the Control Panel by searching in the search bar
  • In ‘System and Security,’ go to System.
  • On the left click ‘Advanced system settings.’
  • Open the Performance tab
  • Click on Setting in the performance tab
  • Now Select the performance custom settings you want as per your need from the list of given check boxes.

Here are many other custom settings that you can disable to get the maximum performance, but keep in mind, disable each parameter according to your needs.

8. Remove Unnecessary Software

There is much software that we use for only a couple of times, and they keep sitting in our PC and keep using resources.

Take out some time to remove them, and this is also a handy hack for speeding up the Windows boot.

To remove any program or software.

  • Search remove programs in the search bar and select that.
  • A list of all the installed applications on your computer will appear in a new window.
  • Remove the unnecessary programs and restart your PC.

So what is the boot time for you in seconds now after applying all hacks?

Tell us in the comments section.

Still not getting the desired results?

Here is the another last bonus but most useful hack.Speed Up Windows 10 Boot

9. Reset your PC

After applying all the hacks if you are not getting the results, then there is a problem with the Windows, or most probably your Windows files are corrupted.

To solve this issue.

Search reset in the search bar and reset your PC, It will take some time, but your Windows will become in best conditions.Speed Up Windows 10 Boot

Don’t forget to backup your necessary files before reset.


To speed up Windows 10 boot the 1st and 2nd hacks are best, but if you want to increase your PC performance overall, then you must apply all the settings that are discussed above with step by step guides. Let us know in the comments section that how much boot time you have cut down with these amazing hacks.


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