How much is Amazon Prime? Amazon Prime Membership Plans

how much is amazon prime
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With just $119 you can get access to Amazon top-notch services like Amazon Prime, Amazon prime video and free shipping for the whole year.

On top of that, you will also be granted by Amazon for Prime day shopping.How much is Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime Membership Plans

Amazon gives a few plans on a monthly and yearly basis.

New prices have been updated from May 2018; Now you have to pay the following according to your plan.

First of all, let’s decide which membership you want to take.

Yearly Plan:

In this plan, you have to spend one time $119, and for the whole year, you can reap the benefits of it.

Monthly Plan:

If you love to pay every month, then the Amazon Prime membership will cost you $12.99, and if you pay this amount for a whole year continuously, then it will cost you $37 more than the yearly membership.

Student Plan:

For two year or four-year college students, Amazon gives six months of free trial membership if the student applies with their original .edu email.

After the expiry, students have to pay the membership fees, but it is much lower than the regular membership.How much is Amazon Prime

For students, One-year memberships cost is $59. And if he /she applies for a monthly membership, then the cost is $6.49 per month. On yearly membership, a student can save up to $19.

Discounts for EBT and Medicaid Card Holders

If you are a cardholder of EBT or Medicaid, then the yearly membership will cost you only $72, and $5.99 a month. Get more information.

Primary Benefits for Amazon Prime

Following are some features that Amazon offers for its Prime membership.

  • Free shipping, with Amazon prime the most significant feature is free shipping, but a thing is worth noting here is that Amazon already giving free shipping to free members on any order above $25
  • One or two days delivery on most of the items.How much is Amazon Prime
  • 10% straight discount for whole foods that can be increased to 20% shortly.
  • Low price groceries with Prime Pantry, also you will get Free shipment on orders of $40 or above.
  • Have access to Prime now, although it is currently limited to very few cities only, it is an excellent service as you can get your delivery in just 1 hour. Amazon is still working on this to accommodate more towns to make service better and reasonable to all. It is currently available in bigger cities like New York City and some other American cities.
  • Amazon Prime Day deals; Prime members get the exclusive Amazon prime deals with one or two days delivery.
  • Prime members get Early Prime access to lightning deals on Amazon. Early access is given for 30 minutes.
  • Get $10 discounts on pre-order of video games; it is way lower from the previous discount of 20 %. But it’s worth it.
  • Free Kindle books for premium members, and also they get early access for the books.How much is Amazon Prime
  • If you get Amazon rewards visa card, you get a lot of benefits being a member of Amazon Prime. Amazon includes 5 percent discount on and whole foods and 2 percent on gas, oil, and restaurants.
  • If you share your apartment with an adult friend, you can also share the Amazon prime benefits with him/her.

Prime Video/Audio/Photos Features

With the Amazon Prime membership, you also get Prime video.

  • Prime video is actually a video streaming service using which you can watch videos, premium TV shows, and movies.
  • Prime music is an online music platform with millions of music available. With Amazon prime, you get the ad-free experience.
  • Prime photos is another excellent online service by Amazon to store your precious and private photos on the cloud. This also gives ad-free experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) & How much is Amazon Prime

Following are some frequently asked questions about Amazon premium.

If your answer not here, do let us know in the comments section.

Q1: Do all items get two days delivery for Amazon premium?

Ans: No, but most of the items are delivered in two days. A more prominent thing like weight lifting items, treadmills, etc. costs standard shipping.

Q2: How can I purchase Amazon prime membership?

Ans: To create an Amazon premium account, you must both a credit card and an Amazon account. Simply click on this link and carry out the instructions.

Q3: What is Prime Day?

Ans: It’s actually the anniversary of Amazon. Amazon started to celebrate this from its 20th anniversary in 2015.How much is Amazon Prime

On a prime day, many exclusive deals are available for a particular time. Prime members get exclusive deals that are not available for the free membership.

Q4: Do Prime users get Exclusive deals on regular days?

Ans: Yes, Many new releases and top-notch products are being available to Prime members before the new members.

Is Amazon Prime worth the price?

This totally depends on you. What type of person are you?

If you do shopping online daily, not only for fun, then this membership can be a real deal breaker for you as you can save a lot of money from it.

The most convenient features of it that excited me are Free two days delivery and Whole food discounts.

However, the free delivery feature is not that good, as you can also get free delivery with Amazon on more than $25 of shopping.

In short, Amazon Prime is totally worth it if you are a regular Amazon customer.How much is Amazon Prime

#Is Amazon Prime Worth The Price? Everything You Need to Know About an Amazon Prime Membership


Amazon Prime costs $119 per year or $12.99 per month. Off course it can save a good chunk of money if you subscribe for the Yearly membership.

Students have almost a 50% discount. Please use a .edu email for that.

This is a complete guide about Amazon Prime membership. If you are considering to purchase it for your online shopping needs, please get acknowledged about all the things described here. Prime members get some excellent benefits, in the case you have missed that check out these benefits.


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