How to Turn Off Find My iPhone Without a Password [100% Work]

Turn Off Find My iPhone Without a password

Do you know that ‘Find My iPhone’ is the best security function Apple has ever created. However, in some instances, it is inconvenient. This feature lets you monitor your iPhone wherever you are, and stay linked to your mobile.

It also enables you to find your iPhone easily if it is stolen. In this article you’ll read how to turn off find my iPhone without a password.Turn Off Find My iPhone Without a Password

In some cases, particularly when you have to delete or reset your iPhone, resell it, or to preserve battery life, you need to shut it off. Turning off “Find My iPhone” is very simple when you know the password, as it’s a matter of merely visiting and disabling the Settings in the iCloud portion, by entering the password.

If you don’t remember the password, however, then you’ll need to take another approach. In this article, we’ll explain how to switch off “Find My iPhone” with different methods and in a few simple steps depending upon your iOS without a password. You can read the various practices described below and implement whichever suits you:

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Turn Off Find My iPhone Without a Password

Stage 1: Open your iPhone Settings app.

Stage 2: Surf the iCloud and enter your password. Type any number at random, and tap Done.

Turn Off Find My iPhone Without a Password

Stage 3: After you have introduced a random number, you will be told that the password is incorrect. Tap OK, and then click on the button to Cancel. If you do so, the segment on iCloud will open again.

Stage 4: Press Account now and delete the info. You will see the main iCloud section again, and it will automatically turn off Find My iPhone feature.

For iOS 7 version:

It is also a straightforward method.

You have to go to settings in your mobile and open iCloud Settings.

Tap on delete account and tap “Find My iPhone” to disable it.

A window will then prompt you to enter your iCloud password; you should then press and hold the power button and shut down your iCloud. Delete the account by switching your iPhone turn on again. It can be done by going to Settings and open the Settings for iCloud. Then do account deletion and toggle off “Find my iPhone.”

Reset Your Password 

Because resetting your password is pretty quick, it is recommended that you should reset your password. After that, turn off Find My iPhone. There are many ways to reset the password for the Apple ID: resetting by email, password, and security questions, resetting by two-factor authentication or two-step verification. The simplest and quickest way to reset passwords is through two-factor authentication.

Follow these steps to reset your password using two- factor authentication method:

Turn Off Find My iPhone Without a Password

Phase 1: Open the Settings app on your iPhone, navigate to your name and then to Password & Security

Phase 2: Now find and tap the change password option. Then you should follow the instructions to change your password.

Note: You can also turn off by login to iCloud on a web browser and then click on Find my iphone. Then click on all the devices and choose your own device. Finally, choose the option “remove from account” and then remove it.

Turn Off Find My iPhone Without a Password
Turn Off Find My iPhone Without a Password

Method to turn off for versions of iOS 10 to iOS 13

In this method, 

  • First, you turn on your iPhone and go to Settings.
  • Enable your iCloud settings. Then you should erase the original password and enter a code that you can memorize and use later.
  • Then click on, OK. You will face an error window about the wrong password and just tap OK to close.
  • Find and press the locate button. This button will guide you to the iCloud website, and you should touch on the account there.
  • Suppress the info there and click OK. Clicking OK will close the iCloud website, and it will automatically disable Find My iPhone.

Turning off Find My iPhone using DNS 

There is also a trick to bypass Find My iPhone using DNS; however it will not always work best.

Turn Off Find My iPhone Without a Password

First, you navigate to your iPhone Settings and then to the Wi-Fi menu, then tap the information icon, which you can see next to your Wi-Fi network. You can use it to open the DNS server files. To change the IP address of your DNS to (Only for UnitedStates). Click on the back arrow after updating the DNS IP address then press ‘Done’ to save the changes.

Turn Off Find My iPhone Without a Password

You can then deactivate Find My iPhone using the conventional method at this stage. Although some people have found this trick to be effective, there is no guarantee that this technique will work efficiently on all models of the iPhone.Turn Off Find My iPhone Without a Password 

You can also consider contacting Apple support for other ideas and potential solutions and let them know what you wanted to do. Apple has a big community and you can also take their help if you face any issues with your iPhone.


In this article, we have discussed many solutions on how to turn off Find My iPhone without the password. Some of the ideas are more effective than others, but be confident that you will consider one of them. If you need any help and our support, our team will guide you and resolve your issues.

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