Easiest Way to Record the Screen on Your iPhone & Android

How to Record the Screen on Your iPhone & Android

Finding the best way for Recording the screen on your iPhone or Android can really be a hassle if you are in a hurry and want to capture your game play on your Android or iPhone.

There are several ways to do that, but you don’t need to confuse anymore as we have handpicked some of the working methods for recording screen.Record the Screen on Your iPhone & Android

However it basically depends on your Android version, but with third-party screen recording apps, you can record screen on any Android device. Check out the Third-party screen recording app for android.

If you are Using an iPhone, then skip to this iPhone Screen Recording section.

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Record Screen on Android

Android Q or Android 10

Using a third-party app can be dangerous because a screen recorder app records every activity on your Android screen and you give the permissions, so the android security also ignores that. Such app can look into everything on your phone and can steal your data, and it is a severe security issue to be aware of.

Taking a look at this security loophole, the new Android Q comes with the built-in Screen recording feature, and you do not have to install any third-party apps for that.

Unfortunately, this feature is disabled on default, but you can get access to it in a few steps.

Here is the step by step guide, how to activate this feature.

  1. Enable Developer options

Although screen recorder is available in Android 10, it is still a developer’s feature and to use that you have to enable the developer mode.

Follow these instructions to make the developer options active.

  • Open your Android’s settings.
  • Go to About Phone.
  • Tab the Build number 7 times.
  • Once you have done this, you will be a developer.

Now you can easily enable the Screen recorder from the developer settings.

  1. Activate the Screen Recorder

After enabling the developer option, the next thing you have to do is to activate the Screen recording feature from the developer option.Record the Screen on Your iPhone & Android

Here is how you can do that.

  • Go to Settings and then System settings.
  • You will see Developer options, Click that.
  • In this menu, there are complicated settings. Search for Feature Flags Tab.
  • In the Features Flags tab, turn the Screen recording feature.
Record the Screen on Your iPhone & Android

Record the Screen on Your iPhone & Android

You are all set to use the built-in screen recording feature on your Android Q.

To start the screen recording, long After pressing the Power button, wait a little while.

A new screen will pop up.

Select Start screen recording from that menu, and the Screen will start recording.

If you want to save the recording, tap on Stop from the notification bar.

Record the Screen on Your iPhone & Android

The recording will be stopped and automatically saved in the Capture folder in your phone’s gallery.

You can share or edit that video from there.

Under Android 4.4 KitKat

Android 4.4 is history now, but if you are still using this outdated version of Android, there is bad news for you. You can not record screen on this Android version directly.

Although the screen recording apps came a little late in the market, now you can use them to record the screen even in the Android phones that have an even lower version than 4.4.

Recording Screen on Huawei phones with Android 9.0

Fortunately, you can record screen on your Huawei mobile phone which is running on Android 9.0.

The screen recording option is right in the notification bar. But sometimes it is hidden.

You can make it visible by editing the notification bar.

To start screen recording, just Tap the screen recorder in the notification bar, and the screen recording will start.

Record the Screen on Your iPhone & Android

To stop the recording, just tap the stop in the notification tray. And the recording will be saved automatically in the gallery, and you can share that easily.

Using Third-Party Apps

A single manufacturer does not build Android phones. Each manufacturing company make some amendments in Android OS to make it look fancy and according to their brand. In the competition of that many basic features get ignored like screen recording.

So there are third-party apps that work in all the Android mobile phones without the restrictions of Android version or manufacturer.Record the Screen on Your iPhone & Android

On the Google play store, you can find hundreds of screen recording apps, but unfortunately, most of them are useless. They contain a lot of ads, or some of them are paid apps.

So for your ease, we have tested them all and picked a few that can fulfill your screen recording needs.

AZ Screen Recorder

Record the Screen on Your iPhone & Android

You must have seen some other products of AZ; they are producing some great stuff.

AZ recorder is also an excellent screen recorder that can record your phone screen with 2k video quality and up to 60fps.

The best part is, it is free and has very less amount of ads. It got some bugs in the tablet version, but for the phone, it is good enough.

Moreover, it also comes with the in-app video editor that can help you edit your screen recordings. It also comes with a handy shortcut to record the screen with ease.

Google Play Games

It is already installed in almost all the android phone but Do you know that it can record screen?

Most of the time, we need a screen recording feature only for gameplay. So if you want to record the screen of gameplay or streaming, Google play games is the best option out there.

To record the gameplay, you have to open the game from Google play games. Before starting the game, tap the video shaped icon, select the resolution, and then you are good to go.

You can also record your face while recording the screen. Screen recording will start after you will tap the red recording button.

Now, after the successful recording, you can stop it by taping the red recording icon, but that will be invisible while gaming. So to make it visible, tap google play games logo.

Mobizen App

Record the Screen on Your iPhone & Android

This is the best of all, as this screen recording is one of the award-winning apps in 2016. Moreover, it is still the Editor’s choice.

It comes with all the necessary and vital features that help you to give a perfect finish to your recordings.

Some of the prominent features of the Mobizen app includes

  • In-app video editor.
  •  Fast and smooth, with almost no bugs.
  •  Screen recording up to 1080p at 60fps.
  •  No root needed.
  •  No watermark.

Screen Recording on iPhone

iPhone users don’t have to install any third-party app to record the screen. It is a free and built-in feature of the iPhone.

But unfortunately, it is not available under iOS 11. You have to update at least up to iOS 11 to use this feature.

It is not that common feature, so it is not active on default, and you have to activate it manually.

Here is how you can activate the screen recording feature on your iPhone.

Activating screen recording feature

  • Open your iPhone’s setting.
  •  Go to control center and navigate to customize the control.
  •  Under the More controls tab, Tap the Green plus sign and add Screen recording.
  •  Done!

Now you can use the screen recording feature from the control centre.

Start Recording

You can start recording at any time from the notification tray.

  • If you are using iPhone X or the iPhone without a home button, you can swap down from the top of the screen to pull down the notification tray.
  •  Here you can see a new screen recording option.
  •  Tap the Red recording button to start recording.
  •  iPhone record the screen in high resolution on default.
  •  To stop recording, pull down the notification tray in the same way and tap the stop button.
  •  The recording will be stopped, and it is saved automatically.

Along with capturing the screen, you may also record your voice. You may need this feature while recording the games.

Keep your iPhone in ‘do not disturb’ mode while recording for a smooth non-filthy experience.


Nowadays, recording the phone screen is an essential feature as we have to record game plays or bloggers may have to record a screen tutorial on their phone.

Older iPhones and Androids don’t use to have this feature.

But now iPhone and Android both come with a built-in screen recording option.

But if you are using an older Android user, you can still record screen on your android using third-party apps. Select the third-party apps from the list above.

How do you record screen on your iPhone or Android?

Let us know in comments.

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