How to take a Screenshot on Any Android Smartphone

Screenshot on Any Android Smartphone

Although all the smartphone manufacturing companies have the same Android OS, the method for taking a screenshot is different for every smartphone because of their customized UI.

Moreover, the method of taking a screenshot on every Android OS version is a little bit different.Screenshot on Any Android Smartphone.

Screenshot on Any Android Smartphone

There are several ways of taking a screenshot on android. I have listed all the methods prioritizing on their percentage of supported devices. Try one by one and you will find out the most suitable method for your handset.

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Universal Method for taking a Screenshot

Hold your phone firmly, as you have to press two buttons simultaneously.

Press the down key from the volume rocker + the Power button at the same time and hold for a second and you will see a white flash on screen and screenshot would have been taken.

You should be careful while pressing the buttons as if you will press the power button first then you will lock your phone. And if you press the volume down key first, then the volume will start decreasing, so you have to press and hold both the keys simultaneously.

Screenshot on Any Android Smartphone

For the older Samsung smartphones that used to have a solid central button, the method for taking the screenshot was different. You have to press the Home Key + Power key at the same time. The remaining process is same, after the confirmation and initial editing’s, the screenshot will be saved in the gallery.

For OnePlus Phones (older than OnePlus 5)

For the older OnePlus phones, the method is same as for the other android phones.

But for the latest OnePlus phones you can take a screenshot by Swiping down three fingers on the screen.

For Sony Phones

For most of the Sony phones the method for taking a screenshot is the same as of the universal method. But for some Sony phones, you can take screenshots by the following method.

Press the Power button for a few seconds and a screen will appear, from here, tap Take screenshot. As well as being preserved in the gallery, the screenshot.

For the Phones with older Android Version than 4.0

Unfortunately the android phones before version 4.0 were not programmed to take screenshots because of the security reasons. So you have to install the third-party app like No root screenshot it. It takes the screenshot with multiple shortcuts and the screenshot is saved in the gallery after taking.

Root Your Device

If you are using an older version of Android and want to take screenshots than there is good news for you, Android with version lower than 4.0 are much easier to root. And most of them can be rooted using a simple Oneclickroot app.

After successfully rooting your android phone, the step is to install the app like Screenshot UX that will give you freedom to take screenshots on your older Android phone with ease.

A modified ROM may be installed using built-in feature of taking screenshots.

Use a Third-Party App for Long and Customized Screenshots

Time has been changed, now you have a bigger Smartphone in your hand, and if you want to take a screenshot of a long document or a Whatsapp conversation, then that can be hell lot of work.

#Take-Full-Page-Screenshots-on-Stock-Android-12-Without-Any-Third-Party-Apps! | Guiding-Tech

You can use third-party app for customized screenshots even you have a new version of Android OS. Install Longshot for a long screenshot from Google Playstore.

This is the perfect app for taking customized screenshots in a single touch and moreover, you can take long screenshots of documents and Whatsapp conversations.

Take Screenshots Using Voice Command

From 2017 almost all the smartphones support Google Assistant. This is a voice command robot in your Android that operates on your commands.

So if you want to take a screenshot, navigate to the screen you want to capture in a screenshot and say “hey google, take a screenshot”.It will snap a screenshot and save it in your gallery.


Taking screenshots on an Android is not that difficult as far as you are familiar with your Android version. If you are using a latest Android OS version then you can take a screenshot by Pressing and holding Volume down + Power Key. 

And if you are using an older Android OS than 4.0 then there are multiple methods of taking screenshots mentioned above.

What is your favorite method for taking screenshots?

What type of screenshots do you like the most, static or the long one? Are you getting trouble taking a screenshot on a specific phone? Please let us know in comments.

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