If you are looking to learn how to copy and paste from the Macbook computer, then you are in luck. There are several ways that you can perform this task.

Copy and Paste on Macbook

You can go to the File menu, select “epad” and then choose the copy option. Then you can paste as you normally would.

If you are wondering how to copy and paste on a MacBook using the clipboard manager, then you need to know how to customize the clipboard. The standard method is to click on a copy, and a blank piece of text or an item is already in your Mac’s clipboard, ready to be used. To paste this copied item, simply right-click it and then select the paste item.

Two simple methods and both very quick

You’ll be doing this absolutely in no time. I’m using the text editor to copy this text across to this document. Now let’s highlight and select the text. I’m simply clicking and dragging across the text so it’s now selected.

How to Copy and Paste on Macbook

The first method I’ll show you is with the keyboard, very similar to Windows. On Windows, you will use a ctrl + C to copy. On a Mac you use command + C, so the command key is right there. It says command on it. Press command+C and it’s copied into the buffer. 

You come across your new document and to paste you do a command+V. On Windows it’s ctrl+V but on a Mac it’s command+V. Just remember it’s a command rather than control. 

The second method is with the keyboard and what you will do is to select text and right-click on the mouse pad. You get the context menu. Go to copy, come close to your new document. Right-click again and you’ll see on the context menu “paste”. Simply click paste and that completes the job.

Other Techniques

Some people like the convenience of being able to access their trackpad and copy directly from there. This is achieved by clicking on” Vim”, then” Copy to clipboard” and then pressing Cmd + V. You will see the familiar text prompt on your screen. Click on this and then again on  “clipboard” and then select “paste”. There is even an option to add a message above the text area, which will display the paste process.

One of the great features of the Mac clipboard manager is the ability to add hotkeys to trigger copy and paste. By using a special hotkey combination, you can have the feature always on and you can have the repeat over. For example, you could have the special copy-paste hotkey combination, F8, followed immediately by another hotkey combination that copies the text on the clipboard. Using this special hotkey combination will automatically put the copied text into the clipboard.

There are many other different features of the Mac clipboard manager that are very useful for Mac users, especially if they are copying large files. The Mac clipboard manager has a handy dropdown menu to let you choose whether to copy only part of a document or to copy the whole thing. If you would rather not have to worry about the placement of the copy command, you can also use the dropdown menu to create a temporary copy. This temporary copy will be automatically deleted once you are done copying.

Another useful feature of the Mac clipboard manager is the ability to search and paste Google Docs documents. By clicking on “Search and copy”, you will now be able to search and copy documents that are within the Google Docs format. To paste text from the clipboard into a Google Docs document, utilise the specific hotkey combination mentioned above. The copy will be transferred to Google servers for storage after you click the submit button.

Using the trackball instead of the usual paste hotkeys is another technique for how to copy and paste on a Macbook. Set your trackball to paste in the screen’s top right corner. To access this section, first, click the trackball, then choose “paste.” There’s also a dropdown menu on the General tab of the Trackball settings dialogue box that lets you choose which programs should show the trackball, and there’s a dropdown menu that lets you choose alternative keyboard controls.

One last way to learn how to copy and paste on Macbook is to use the copy and paste tool in the web browser. Certain browsers, such as Internet Explorer, provide a feature called Copy to Clipboard. By activating the feature (usually by clicking the tool’s icon or repeatedly clicking the” clipboard” icon), the user will be able to copy the contents of the website into the clipboard. The only problem with this method is that the user will not be able to edit the website’s content before the copy is automatically pasted. In addition, Internet Explorer does not support the latest version of the HTML syntax. If you need this type of functionality, you should search for third-party HTML editors that support this type of functionality.


We hope that this article is quite helpful to you and assist you in copy/paste of the data in your MacBook. You can also check out How to Clean Macbook Screen.


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