How to Clean Macbook Screen

Here are some tips on how to clean a MacBook screen without damaging it or the surface. It is common knowledge that LCD/LED screens of laptops are fragile. It means that you should take good care of them. The point is that it is only when we take good care of them, do they last long enough for us to use them

Tips to Implement

Let us take a look at a few simple tips on how to clean a Macbook screen:

First and foremost, you should never put your hands on the screen while you clean the MacBook screen. You can’t clean the surface with your finger nail. The surface is too smooth and the tiny points of the glass are extremely sharp, just when you think you’ve done a good cleaning. So, you should always wear a pair of cotton buds as you wipe off the dust.

When the first air blaster shoots out air, it is recommended that you don’t touch any of the surfaces. The surface of the screen contains millions of tiny dust particles, which will be attracted to your fingers. The dust particles will get attached to it and will start to leave some marks on the screen. You shouldn’t leave anything on the screen for a long time, so the idea of touching it would be silly. So, now that you’re assured about not touching the screen, let’s check out some more practical tips. 

Use Good Quality Screen Cleaners:

Here is one of the best screen cleaners on Amazon

Screen Cleaner Spray (16oz) – Computer Cleaning Kit Microfiber Cloth Included with Electronic Cleaner:

Screen Cleaner Spray

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  • Unlike other screen cleaners, this one also effectively removes static electricity.
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  • Use it in combination with our screen cleaning for the best results.
  • The Easy-to-Use Screen Cleaner Kit will soon become your new favorite tool for caring for the things that matter to you. Simply attach the sprayer gun onto the screen cleaning bottle. Using the microfiber cloth and the cleaning liquid, wipe the screen until it is clean and glossy to your satisfaction.

It may be used as a laptop cleaning kit, a laptop screen cleaner, or a screen cleaner for smart televisions. MacBook screen cleaners, monitor cleaners, and screen cleaning sprays are examples of electronic device screen cleaners.

Alcohol-Based Wipe:

If you want to know how to remove fingerprints without damaging the surface, then try using an alcohol-based wipe. Make sure that it is a 100% alcohol-based wipe, as some alcohol-based products can leave a nasty residue on the screen. Simply rub the alcohol-soaked cloth gently on the glass pane, and then wipe it dry.

Here is one of the best alcohol-based wipe on Amazon:

210 Pre-Moistened and Individually Wrapped Care Touch Lens Cleaning Wipes:

Wrapped Care Touch Lens Cleaning Wipes

Product Description:

The high-tech solution in these wipes cleans well and dries quickly without leaving streaks or residue. It cleans your phone, glasses, screens, and other surfaces with ease.

  • Wipes are soft and effective on all glass surfaces while still being safe for coated lenses, making them ideal for a wide range of applications.
  • The wipes are made of a soft, lightweight material and are big enough to clean large screens.
  • They’re easy to put in your bag and use on the move to clean your lenses or devices since they’re small, convenient, and individually packed. 
  • As a consequence, they’re perfect for cleaning smartphones and eyewear. The larger wipes are also capable of cleaning larger displays and surfaces.

There are a variety of cleaning wipes on the market that can properly clean your macbook’s screen. However, since these wipes may harm the sensitive surface, they are not suggested for regular usage. And the truth is that even a little quantity of water may leave your screen scratched. As a result, you’ll need detergent-containing wipes. Simply squirt some screen cleaner onto the towel and wipe it clean.

Use an Air Blaster:

An alternative option would be to use an air blaster. You can easily do this yourself, by attaching an air blaster to a hairdryer or to an oscillating device such as an old hairdryer and turning it on. The reason why you must use an air blaster is that it releases negative ions, which help to remove dirt from the surface of the glass.

Special Wipe Pads:

Another useful method would be to use special fabric-based wipe pads. The cloth will be soaked in a solution, while still being wrung out a few times to exfoliate the surface. After which, it should be wiped with a cotton cloth on a regular basis. A very effective technique is to apply a small circular motion on the wet cloth to wipe the dirt away. You should only try to use the soapy part of the cloth in case the solution gets into contact with any sort of leather parts, such as the keyboard, the mouse or even the shelves.


You should also take a look at your laptop care guide, especially if you are a frequent user of the MacBook. Another thing that you have to remember is to keep the screen dry at all times. Aside from that, you also need to avoid having direct contact with water, as this can cause damage to the LCD and the bottom of the screen as well.


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