How to Find a Job With LinkedIn

What do you want?

Spending 1 hour on the company’s carrier page to see if that job is the job you want to apply for? Or having a LinkedIn well-developed profile and apply for 30 different and most relevant jobs in just 30 minutes? Find a Job With LinkedIn

It depends on you.

With the job market becoming increasingly competitive, it’s more important than ever to make your mark on LinkedIn. Our guide provides you with the essential tools and strategies needed to stand out from the crowd and land your dream job.

SectionKey Points
IntroductionEmphasizes the choice between spending time on a company’s carrier page or using LinkedIn for job applications.
Setting Up a LinkedIn ProfileTips on creating a professional profile, including the importance of a professional-looking display picture and comprehensive information.
Searching for a JobDescribes how to use LinkedIn’s parameters for job searches, including keywords, location, and time.
Apply for the JobExplains the easy application process on LinkedIn, utilizing the “Apply now” option or redirecting to the company’s website if necessary.
Job AlertHighlights the option to set up job alerts based on preferences for timely notifications about relevant opportunities.
9 Hacks to Find a Job With LinkedInPro tips including emphasizing skills over job titles, joining groups, elaborating on recent experience, writing a catchy headline, building a network, keeping the profile updated, being active, getting recommendations, and making mutual connections.
ConclusionEncourages the use of LinkedIn for job hunting, utilizing the internet for professional growth, and implementing the provided hacks.

Our comprehensive guide covers everything from creating a profile that stands out to leveraging the power of networking and connecting with recruiters. Get ahead of the competition and start using our guide today!

LinkedIn is a professional networking site, with more than 500 million people connected.

It’s not only for the job seekers but also for the companies who need to hire some professional and experienced candidates. And people had faith in this system, CEO’s from small to even very popular and biggest companies have a LinkedIn profile.

LinkedIn has been online for ten years.Find a Job With LinkedIn

You can search for the job of your niche without making a LinkedIn account by going to the Job search page, but if you want to use features like Easy apply for any job or having a professional looking profile so that companies can contact you by themselves, then you have to make a profile.

Setting Up a LinkedIn Profile

Make a professional looking profile and keeping it up to date time to time is 90% of the effort you have to do on LinkedIn to get a job. Here are some tips that will help you set up a professional profile as a Jobseeker.

There are two types of memberships on LinkedIn, the Free one and the Premium account. Find a Job With LinkedIn

You get several options in Premium account, and you can get a lot more jobs in this account.

But the good news is that the free account has enough features to hunt any job.

After simple signup,

  • Provide original information including display picture (picture should be very professional),
  • Briefly explain your Skills and elaborate your objectives.
  • Be very comprehensive about the Past position and company information (linking the company profile will be a plus point) and talk a little about your recent experience.
  • If you don’t have an experience, don’t keep it blank, write ‘working at various projects’, and in the interview, you can explain that on what things you are working and for what type of jobs you have been applying for.

Carrier interests

In your profile, update your carrier interests and toggle the switch ‘Let recruiters know you’re open,’ this will allow the recruiters to contact you directly after looking into your profile and carrier interests.

Note: If you have already applied for a job on LinkedIn in a company, the recruiters can get information about that so be careful if you don’t want your recruiters to know about your current jobs.

Searching for a Job

LinkedIn gives several parameters to search for a job of your interest. You can search for a job based on your keyword, location, and time, etc.Find a Job With LinkedIn

Just type a few words from the job title, select the location of your choice (if you want), and hit enter. You will see a lot of search results, go through all the job opportunities, and shortlist the jobs that match your criteria the most. Now its time to apply for the job.

Apply for the Job

Luckily the procedure to apply for the job is very easy on LinkedIn as you have already developed your profile and have researched for the job that matches your skills and interests the most.

After searching for the job, click on the job title, and it will lead you to the page with the job description. Read that out.

Now in most of the cases, there is an option ‘Apply now,’ and by clicking that button, you can apply for that specific job on LinkedIn by just uploading your resume and giving some basic contact information (not necessary if you have already mentioned on your resume).

By using this Easy apply option; you can apply for many jobs in a matter of minutes.

If any company does not give the option to apply from the LinkedIn website then there will be an option from ‘Apply from company’s website,’ and that will redirect you to the company’s website, and you can apply from there with the given procedure.

Job alert

Job alert or the search alert is an option on LinkedIn if that is enabled; it gives you the alerts whenever a job opportunity is available under your preferences. Alerts can be set on weekly or monthly bases in the form of notification on a device or through email.

9 Hacks to Find a Job With LinkedIn

I have already described how LinkedIn can help you to apply for a job in simple and easy steps. But if you are new to LinkedIn, you must know some tactics to score any job with more efficiency and ease. And also, if you are already a member of LinkedIn and not getting any job, this guide can help you to score the job of your dreams.

These are some pro tips to follow to get success in LinkedIn.

1. Prefer Skills over Job title

According to a survey, 89% of professionals give favor to skills over job title.Find a Job With LinkedIn

This is the section in your LinkedIn profile, and you have to properly utilize it to mention all your skill set.

2. Join groups and follow company pages

Do you want to be hired as a software engineer in your dream company?

Follow that company on LinkedIn so that whenever that company will post a new job, you will be notified.

You can also join groups and up to 100 at a time. Groups are for pretty everything; you can also get help about LinkedIn and how to get a job with LinkedIn from professionals in relevant groups. So try to join the appropriate groups and be active in them.

You can find groups based on skill set, location, your hobbies, or anything else

3. Elaborate on your recent experience

Just imagine for a movement that you are hiring a designer for a very important project of yours, how could you hire a person with no prior or recent work listed on his profile? especially when you have a lot of designers in a row to hire.

So it is a very great hack to get the dream job. Not just mention but briefly explain all your experiences and what you have learned from them.

4. Write a catchy Headline.

Having a complete profile is necessary but writing some catchy headline under your profile picture can boost your page views because when someone searches, they only see your profile picture and your headline, so the headline should be good enough to get the attention of the people.

Your headline should clearly describe what you do and who you are in a precise way. Find a Job With LinkedIn

For example, ‘I love to write and hunt the sale’ or ‘Child specialist in a Government hospital.’

can be the headlines that can attract searchers.

5. Build your network as a 1st priority

There is a famous number in the LinkedIn community; they say if you can build at least 50 connections with the trusted persons like past company managers, co-workers, mentors, and family, you will get the maximum exposure in Linkedin and chances of getting a job increases a lot.

Moreover, import contacts from Gmail or your phone, it will help a lot to build some initial connections with the people you already know.

#How to Build Your Network | 5 Types of People You Need to Succeed – EP. 316

6. Keep your profile up to date

Don’t be lazy in upgrading your profile about your recent experiences, a new profile picture and some new skills you got recently.

A profile is your online representation, and if anyone wants to hire you, he will judge you based on your profile. So keep the profile up to date and be available on request. Never miss any section on your profile.

7. Be active on LinkedIn.

If you are a regular user of social media like Facebook, then you must know that if you post more often and share things on your timeline, you get more exposure. Same goes with LinkedIn if you want to get yourself in the radar of top companies, be active, and post regularly the stuff that comes under your niche or skills.

8. Get LinkedIn recommendations

Being trustful is very important to build a strong profile on LinkedIn, for that, let me tell you a simple hack that will boost job opportunities for you.

Contact your past work colleagues or job managers and ask them to recommend you in regards to the project or the job you have done that with them. When a company gets to know that your profile has maximum recommendations, then they will prefer you on any other job applier for the same post.

If some of your closest connection is already doing a job in the company you are applying for, then you can ask him to recommend you for a specific job in that company via linkedIn.

9. Make mutual connections with the potential employer

If you find the job, you like the most and want to be hired for that job, reach out to the employer through mutual connections or some groups.

You can connect with him by sending him a distinctive message so that you can be recognized and get close to him in connections. Find a Job With LinkedIn


In this era of the internet, we should not only use the internet for entertainment purposes, but we can also utilize it for getting our dream job. Start using LinkedIn instead of wasting time on social media websites and also do follow the 9 hacks to Find a Job With LinkedIn. Don’t forget to share your thoughts about getting a job via LinkedIn; the comment section is waiting for you.


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